Grading the Most Popular Tech of 2019 So Far

With the constant outpouring of incredible technology we’ve seen over the last few years, it’s difficult to narrow down the impressive gadgets available to consumers today. Just halfway through 2019, we’ve already seen some remarkable technology become mainstream.  

Whether you’re contemplating the newest fitness tracker options or want to upgrade your in-home entertainment with a next-level VR system, we’ve graded some of the most popular tech of 2019 (so far).  

Note to consumers: With recent advancements in technology, more information is being shared. Using most of these devices will allow your information to be collected, used, and shared by the makers of the products and related platforms. If you’ve been wondering “why is everyone updating their privacy policy?”, it’s to protect themselves and their users from data exploitation. It would be in your best interest to review any privacy policy updates associated with these or other tech devices.  

A Promising Contender in the Phone Market 

  1. OnePlus 7 Pro 

The formidable contender has officially come for Apple and Samsung with the OnePlus 7 Pro. The latest iteration of the device won’t be found in a carrier store but it’s worth leaving your comfort zone. 

Functionality – More RAM leads to improved performance and increased fluidity when using and switching between apps. The company has also focused on improving the camera quality, including a rear camera system with three lenses. You also don’t have to worry about overheating or slow charging.  

Clean & Simple Design – High-quality materials, notch-free display, and unique colors allow this phone to match the desirable qualities touted by the most popular phones, for a significantly lower cost.  

Best Tech for Content That’s Viral-Worthy 

  1. DJI Osmo Action  

The list of specs is seemingly endless, making the DJI Osmo Action the ideal companion for any adventure you set out on. 

Impressive Specs – The Osmo Action features a 4K HDR video, front-facing color LCD screen, hyper-responsive back screen, and voice command functions that make creating your latest content easy, especially on-the-go.  

In-Body Electronic Stabilization – GoPro has found a true contender. With RockSteady stabilization you can capture shake-free footage on land or underwater.  

2. Nikon Z6 

If photography is more your speed than capturing action-packed video, the Nikon Z6 needs to be on your radar. 

Capture Every Moment – A 12fps burst-shooting mode makes it possible to catch even the quickest of movements. You’ll also find the camera user-friendly with easily accessible controls and 273-point autofocus for even the most unstable of situations.  

Best of Both Worlds – With this camera, you won’t have to sacrifice features and performance in favor of cost.  

Gaming That’s Out-of-This-World 

  1. Oculus Quest 

Our top recommendation for gamers looking for a VR headset that will impress is the Oculus Quest. This all-in-one gaming headset creates a seamless experience with more options.  

Enhanced VR Experience – The standalone headset does not require any wires, uses advanced sensors and algorithms for safe play, and is lightweight for an immersive experience that resolves complaints about older systems. The Touch Controllers are also easy to maneuver for the most realistic VR experience.  

Software - With a 50-game library, including multi-player titles, that’s likely to grow quickly, Oculus Quest offers diversity and socializing that has been previously fairly limited. You can also cast your adventures so others can watch. 

Gadgets That Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level: 

  1. Xiaomi Folding Walking Gym 

The Xiaomi Foldable Walking Gym is the ideal solution for the busy professional and top-rated high-tech workout equipment.  

Convenience – This foldable walking treadmill is a space-saving substitute for those who do not have the living space to accommodate an home gym. You can use the walking gym via the wireless console or plug it in when convenient. When you’re done, it’s easily stored under the bed or couch.  

Smart Home Friendly – The system equipped with versatile speed options for when you’re preparing for a marathon to days you just need to get moving. It is also compatible with the Mi Home app.  

2. Fitbit Versa 

Fitness trackers aren’t anything new in 2019, but there have been some impressive upgrades for those who are passionate about their health. Fitbit has long been at the top of the list for fitness trackers and the Versa is no different.  

Pulling Double Duty – The Versa operates as both a smartwatch and a robust fitness tracker. This means you won’t have to take your phone along with you during workouts anymore.  

Amp-up Your Workouts – You get the added bonus of storing music, using apps, a vibrant color touchscreen, and storage space for seven workout shortcuts, all while enjoying the perks of the classic wearable personal trainer.  

Whether you are planning to do online holiday shopping or looking to indulge in a new gadget, this list should help you sort the useful and cutting-edge tech from the over-hyped devices that aren’t worth your time.