Hands On with Mass Fidelity Core – The best wireless speaker you could buy

Mass Fidelity Core

The Mass Fidelity seems a name less familiar but you should know it. I will give you a reason why. They recently entered the Indian market with The Core. The Core is a compact wireless speaker system by Mass fidelity. One thing I noticed while experiencing core, The Core has both Analog and digital inputs. So whatever the system you are bounded to as an audiophile, it just fits in perfect and surely enhances. Input ports in the form of an auxiliary jack and an S/PDIF optical port. The speakers rating is 120watts and has five custom designed high output drivers which are capable of delivering smooth highs, crystal clear mid-range and resounding bass. The Core creates its own private 5.8 GHz wireless network connected via Android/iOS app.

Mass Fidelity Core

Mass Fidelity Core

Core Technology

The Core uses Wavefield Synthesis technology which creates better and unique stereo effect to the sound. Just the words aren’t the justification for those immersive experience. The single speakers almost create a virtual set of speakers near to it. It feels the walls are the speaker in the room and not the core. No matter what you do the core does the work in whatever direction you place it. If you listening to live concert The Core makes it feel You are present in the concert. This thing happens because of the other stereo speakers are designed to trick the brain but in case of this speaker, The Wave Field Synthesis reconstruct the sound field physically. Also, they place it perfectly in front of you make you feel your favourite artist/band is in front of you.

The compact speakers which you can’t believe produce a completely unique reality experience. It has the frequency response of 44Hz – 20 KHz and support AAC, SBC, I and aptX Bluetooth Codecs. The core has a built-in adaptive wireless network which enables you to connect multiple speakers at the same time. Up to 8 devices could be connected at the same time to create a multiroom system. Battery life is claimed to be 12 hours we didn’t get a chance to do a complete review but you can stay tuned here. I hope we get a chance to review it completely.

I was totally profound to be first few in India to experience the core. It’s a totally unique and amazing device for audiophiles.


The Core is being distributed exclusively in India By Wave Box Distribution LLP. Priced at Rs. 33,999