Haptik- The Future Of Customer Support (Review)

Haptik.inc lauched its Haptik app with a aim to revolutionize the people who contact to customer support and making it more better in the country like india. There were days when you need to search the support number or email over google, hopefully that thing will stop now with haptik. Its like a directory like yellow pages of support which has some sets company with thier numbers and email currently not  all companies are seen few of them popular ones are seen in haptik. The main thing starts here that we are gonna chat with this company in over real-time and get the solution in haptik. If a first message is set the estimated reply is within 3 min the respective administrator reply your query within 3 min in over a real time.


I also downloaded the app from playstore recently, a 3.45mb app. Gone through the main screen it asked for facebook login. I did everything and proceeded there was list of all companies also swipe from right list of all companies in sorted manner like fast food, telecom , DTH service etc. I was seraching for MTNL but that was not found in the list. Then I try to chat over Airtel. Asked for 3g plans then within 3 min got a reply from the support in haptik, asking for location ,then got a reply thanks. Then he asked for “what 3g plan you are looking for”, I replied “cheap 3g plans”, he replied the data plans”.

That’s how amazing is the app. Must have app and its the only customer support app for India.

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The future of customer support, mobile app HAPTIK launches today

31st of March, Mumbai – After immense amount of popularity in its beta phase, Haptik – India’s first and only mobile phone application for convenient customer support launches today across Andriod and iOS platforms. Addressing some of the most common yet grueling issues of customers at large, Haptik is a free to download application made available with easy-to-use features and an option of over 100 brands to create conversations with.
Haptik is a Smartphone app to chat with experts for support, information, and almost anything else. Think WhatsApp, but instead between users and support specialists. Haptik enables you to send messages to their in-house experts, and get responses instantly – just like texting a friend! The nerve wrecking wait is now over as Haptik gets queries answered or situations resolved with ease.
Co-founded by Aakrit Vaish (Former Director, Flurry, India) and Swapan Rajdev; Haptik is a revolution in the digital space resolving a very basic, relevant and inherent problem that stemmed from the lack of any cohesive solution available. With so much innovation on all fronts, these two tech-buffs wondered why customer support was still in stone-age. So, if you’re wondering what Haptik is all about, here it is breaking it down –
• To begin with the app will launch on both the iOS & Android platforms with roughly 100 brands you can get customer support for,
• From over 20 agents (available through the day); Haptik promises a solution to your query in less than 4 minutes
• With every agent having an identity, you would be making conversation and not dealing with an automated bot
“Today messaging is the most used function on mobile, more than phone calling itself. The asynchronous nature makes it ideal for getting support as opposed to dealing with a call center. We’ve spent about a year getting the product ready specifically for the Indian market, based on feedback from thousands of beta users. Now we look forward to everyone in the country using it.” – Aakrit Vaish & Swapan Rajdev
Haptik is an ambitious yet logical step into your world of endless problems. With a superlative design interface the application is also one of the best designed apps to come out of the Indian Market for Indian Consumers.