How Samsung Tab S6 lite isn’t good compared to iPad? And not as per the good tech reviewers Opinion

Samsung tab S6 Lite

I’m pretty sure you would have seen lot of videos regarding the Samsung tab S6 Lite. I won’t discuss what are the specs and specs comparison to the iPad. I’ll be pretty straight forward about the right things.

Samsung tab S6 Lite
Samsung tab S6 Lite

About myself

I am a tech reviewer and journalist who has used the iPads and android tablets for the longest. My first iPad was the iPad 2, Later then I had iPad Air and iPad Pro. In Android side, I had Nexus 7 (1st and 2nd gen) and Galaxy note 10.1.

I have no reason to harm anyone, Also not the tech reviewer who is very good and always frank in his opinion. I don’t want to harm him or his fans. This post is just for the consumers who want to get the most value of the devices. I will also showcase some tweets from the already well-established tech bloggers or youtubers to support my opinion.

Why iPad is still better to the current gen Samsung Tab?

Apple iPad 2019
Apple iPad 2019

The Optimization

Let me keep it very simple the iPad has the best tablet experience of all. Not just because of the iPadOS, but also well optimized apps and it had been seen for almost 9 years.

Let’s me explain in detail, For example you use a app on your android phone, the same app on an android tablet will be just an expanded layout and not taking the advantage for the big screen. Such things with the iPad and iPhones are totally different. Even some google apps tend to work amazing on iPad.

For long term usage

You might find it odd but the even nexus used to lag after the major update and close to after 1.5 years to 2 years it becomes completely useless. It struggles lot with battery life, right optimization and experience. It was no different with the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1.

I forgot to add there was also in the past I did review the Mi pad which was a potential competitor but ruined with updates and lacked quality number of apps.

iPad on the other hand provided maximum updates, amazing apps which I was addicted to use and incorporate in daily life much easier. It was ease to make it part of my life than I had to struggle the same with Android tablet.

Ishan Agarwal is one of the famous tech enthusiasts who mentioned it first on twitter which caught my eye and I could completely agree to this point.

Even the famous tech writer Nimish Dubey and Raju PP agreed it indirectly to the above-mentioned point by Ishan.

The Stylus debates

Most of the users have a keen interest on the Stylus but I will say for some reasons it is just a temporary interest unless you are an const note taker and digital artist.

See I have used the Samsung stylus for the Note line up and even the Apple pencil. The latency and more important real experience of using a pen/ pencil is perfectly achieved by Apple which is close to reality. There are some good accessibility features which are introduced but experience of writing is not justified and has a learning curve with the Samsung stylus. Trust me if stylus is not good you won’t use it for long time and it will be lying around after some days.

Apple not bundling it with the iPad itself also has a similar reason. The one who has a need only will buy it. Considering WFH (Work from Home) Scenario, if you are still using pen and paper it still works the best.

One more point of scenario mentioned by Nimit makes sense in the below tweet.

Pricing and verdict

The aim of the post was only to retain the best device for the consumer and not to bash anyone of the content creator. Also, the opinion is passed totally on the base of an experience of the Android and iOS devices.

The above tweet completely showcases the current pricing of the devices. We definitely see that the iPad is completely superior to the quality and longevity of a device. Whether you be in an Apple Ecosystem or not, iPad is definitely miles ahead in experience and software for a tablet device.

Note: The above tweets are taken from the official handle of each individual. If any individual has a problem and want a tweet to be removed can contact me at @prabhurupe on twitter directly.