How to Make Money from Android Apps in India

It is a well known fact that you can make money with Android Apps.

You just have to download apps and install on your smartphone. After installing the app you have to complete certain tasks.

After the completion of tasks you get paid for each task.

How does it work? Well you can read about the ChampCash on money connexion and get an idea.

All other apps are quite similar to ChampCash app. So just read the ChampCash you will understand the entire process.


ChampCash is purely an Indian app that can be downloaded and installed on your Android Smartphone.

You make money through completing the tasks. However ChampCash is a MLM program.

You can download the app from Google App Store and install it. You just have to complete the registration process.

You can obtain the Refer ID by doing some Google Search.

ChampCash - Earn money today

ChampCash – Earn money today

How to Make Money with ChampCash?

You take up challenges or tasks after downloading the ChampCash app.

What are these challenges?

You got to download and install 7 to 10 apps on your mobile phone.

There will be an install button showing in front of each application that has to be downloaded and installed.

After installing the application you must open it and use it for 2 to 3 minutes at least. In some of the apps you also have to get registered.

Instructions are given for each app.

Once you are through with downloading and installing apps, it will show “Done” message button in front of completed app.

Similarly you have to download and install all other 9 apps.

After downloading 10 apps, dashboard will open and you can see how much you have earned for downloading all 10 apps.

You just have to install apps, use it for few minutes and get paid.

The task will be same for all the other apps (like Whaff, Tapporo etc) mentioned in this article.

How Much Money Can You Make?

If you go by ChampCash then you can make up to $1 million.

But how?

You are paid just $1 to $2 for downloading and installing one app. Even if you download and install all the 10 apps you may make only $10 to $20 in a day.

So how are you going to earn $1 million dollar.

As I said earlier ChampCash is a MLM program and you make most of the money by inviting your friends and other people to join.

ChampCash has 7 tier system.

Here is table.









Level 1 50% $1  1 X 10 10 $1 X 10 $10
Level 2 10% $.20 10 X 10 100 $.20 X 100 $20
Level 3 10% $.20 100 X 10 1000 $.20 X 1000 $200
Level 4 10% $.20 1000X 10 10,000 $.20 X 10,000 $2000
Level 5 10% $.20 10,000 X 10 100,000 $.20 X 100,000 $20,000
Level 6 5% $.10 100,000 X 10 1 Million $.20 X 1 Mill $100,000
Level 7 5% $.10 1 Million X 10 10 Million $.20 X 10 Mill $1 Million


So this is how you make $1 Million with ChampCash.

What are Live Rates?

You also need to know about Live Rates.

If an offer gets paused then the live rate may decrease and if a new offer comes in then the rate goes up.

So the rate for a task can be $1 to $1.5 depending upon the situation.

Withdrawal Methods

You can withdraw money like $10 to $20 in three ways.

  1. Through Mobile Recharge.
  2. Direct Bank Transfer
  3. Flipkart E gift card redeeming

Download Here

Whaff and Tapporo, CashPirate, Wild Wallet, Tap Cash etc

The other best Android Apps to make money with are Whaff and Tapporo.

Both of these apps are very similar. But let us talk about Whaff.

On completion of each task users can make around $.5 – $1.

You have to download Whaff and install on to your mobile phone.

After installing you have to run the app and take up tasks and earn money.

You may be surprise to know that tasks are similar to ChampCash.

Here also you will require a Refer ID that you can find doing some Google search.

As the balance reaches $10 you can ask for the payment.

Hard cash can be requested through PayPal while other methods include redeeming from Amazon Gift Card, Facebook Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards etc.

Just like ChampCash you can make money through referral also. Each referral pays you $.30.

Download Here

Just like Whaff you can make money with other apps like Tapporo, CashPirate, Wild Wallet, Tap Cash etc.

You can easily make up to $100 – $200 each month if you download and install just three apps ChampCash, Whaff and Tapporo.