HTC Desire 820 Review – It’s Hot

HTC desire 820

HTC had always been a wonderful smart phone company since many years. Also they had launch HTC desire 816 previous year, which we reviewed. So the Successor to the elite budget segment of the smart phone which promises to deliver flagship experience at elite segment.

HTC desire 820

HTC desire 820

Build of HTC Desire 820

Well the build had not changed much from the Desire 816 but in the HTC desire 820 the finishing edges had added a blue colour both at edge of smart phone toward screen, even to buttons and camera ring with flash ring. The HTC logo had been crafted to the same blue color. The device was complete plastic which really made feel cheap on the holding experience. At the part being successor it was slightly taller and slightly lighter than 816 which really sounds no difference. Overall at this budget we really need some change in-order people getting recommended to buy this phone. I don’t say its same design but its more unique which others are yet to achieve.


Software Experience of HTC desire 820

The company like HTC is the one which never compromises in its elite segment not making availability of a particular to this segment. The software experience which you get is completely same that of what you get at the flagship only compromising at the build. That same HTC Zoe , That same HTC blinkfeed, That same amazing Sense UI is present at that same budget with that same smoothness. Overall I don’t think there’s reason to disappointment at this point overall complete marks to HTC at software part.

HTC Sense UI

HTC Sense UI

Performance of HTC desire 820

I used the device for the while as a casual use surfing the web, and I was able to notice some heatness on the phone. The phone’s heated the temperture tends to bump while just benchmarking over antutu. The heating made it more uncomfortable still it manged to score 28897 almost somewhat better to Xiaomi Redmi Note. . Overall I could say over gaming it was good but heating part disappointed me.

HTC desire 820 Benchmark

HTC desire 820 Benchmark

Camera of HTC Desire 820

One of the brilliant thing to be seen was its camera, there was no shutter lag the one of the phone which captures really fast images. Even the quality of images were really good, at night time it did added noise to add to decrease the shutter overall I was impressed by its camera.


I really didn’t talk about the battery life because it was also disappointment due to heating. The good point to wrap-up is same amazing 720p screen , the best screen uptill now. Amazing camera and good looks but not a worthy upgrade to HTC desire 816.

HTC Desire 820

Rs 22,000







Battery & Performance


Value for Money



  • Amazing Screen
  • Good camera
  • brilliant speakers


  • Phone heats up a lot