HTC ONE M8 Eye Review – The Best Android Phone you could buy

When its comes to flagship phone, the best smartphone the company could make it always has the best possible things and best upcoming innovation. The phone is best in multimedia, best in camera, best in build, performance is never ignored. All these things were like in last year’s HTC one m7 now its time to review the HTC one m8 eye best upgrade to the date.



The last year’s HTC one was the best build phone and when the best build phone is upgraded then it’s even better, looks are same but the quality and the Polish looked made it more premium than any other smartphone that your money could buy. At the front the same placement of HTC logo and the boom surround sound speakers. With 5 inch screen a bump up with 1080p display. At back it the HTC duo cam (dual camera) made it looks completely different. The embossed HTC logo at back which is gun metal gray made to fall in love to anyone. Top had an ir blaster and the lock/unlock button somewhat Tuff to reach and hidden in the black bar. The right side had a volume rocker as well the nano sim tray the right side had a micro SD card tray expandable upto 128Gb which was the best change made by HTC as customer demand. Overall its the best build device till date.


HTC has brought two editions of the device one is with sense UI and another is the Google Play edition. We had the sense UI review unit, the sense UI is one of the best UI other than stock android. Totally different to the taste, with some more bloatware and bootloader locked. Still being its own UI is buttery smooth even at Multitasking that you could notice. It’s coupled with snapdragon 801 and 2Gb ram makes it even amazing you could play 2 games by Multitasking each and you will not notice any lags. The other device is the Google play edition, it’s a stock android experience device and the best stock android experience you could get as its update are also pushed over by Google so you get the fastest update on HTC device like the nexus devices get. Also these Google play editions devices have bootloader unlocked. Well decision of the software depends on you if you already used HTC device then go with the sense UI, I do specially love the stock android phones. Overall no complaints in the software section of her HTC one m8 eye


The HTC one m8 coupled with snapdragon 801 and 2 GB ram also it’s perfectly optimized to get the most out of the device. I did played two games at a time asphalt 8 and dead trigger without any frame drop or lag. The antutu score 43007 which I got which was in the top 5. It’s already the best phone in he build you could buy, best phone in software of your choice, and now the best phone in the performance section.


I really wanted to add up these because the last HTC one m8 had a beats audio enhancement and now there’s no beats audio logo even at the back. Well still I could say there’s no major change. The cords which get are still good in ear you get in Stock. The best thing still remains the same is the boom surround sound speakers no matter what type of audio you play whether it’s bass, trance anything it clarity of the sound makes it completely amazing deal to buy the HTC one m8 eye.


The HTC one m7 and the HTC one m8 had an ultra pixel camera but that really didn’t impress anyone with the 4 MP sensor. This time the same camera sensor coupled with 13Mp sensor really produced good images. The images captured was perfectly saturated and at low light with flash the dual led one didn’t shoot over flash to get the image unsaturated. I’m really impressed with it. What makes it more unique was the duo camera setup. Capture an image first later focus it as per the choice. In this both the camera captures the same image with different appeture later you choose what’s the best to focus but there were some terms and conditions like the flash should be off and the image should be focused in day light. Even when you keep image on secondary duo camera it’s unable to capture the image. The front camera was really amazing for the selfie with amazing enhancements.


The battery life you could get is completely lasts a day at normal use for me. Even it delivers amazing battery life over 3G which lasts completely for a day. Phone gets heat up prior to wheather conditions still it performed very well for battery


I think after the LG G3 the HTC one m8 is the best phone I reviewed. This phone is really perfect for me with the Google play edition is really the flagship phone to buy in Android then any other brand you could get.