Huawei Honor 4x – The best Alternative to Xiaomi Redmi Note

Huawei Honor 4X Back

Huawei, a Chinese smartphone manufacture entered Indian market to capture the existing and growing market of the xiaomi. The Huawei Honor 4x is right in the competition to the existing Xiaomi redmi note 4G.

Huawei Honor 4X Back

Huawei Honor 4X Back

Build of Huawei Honor 4x

The phone white beauty with liner designed back panel is what makes it mom resistive to the finger print magnet. The power button of the Huawei Honor 4x is more tactile and feels really good. Unlike the volume button power button stands out to the colour. Volume button is just above to it which is white almost tactile but not as power button. The packed in screen of the 5.5 inch yet with the thin bezels. I’m isn’t impressed with the built quality yet those tactile buttons were impressive also the bottom buttons below the screen isn’t had backlit leds does make it tuffer to choose button.



Software of Huawei Honor 4x

The phone comes with emui flavoured over the Android 4.4.4 kit Kat even the K logo of kit Kat was made Che1-L04 for model number Che. The UI more reminds me of iPhone and the Xiaomi’s MIUI. Typically same no app drawer, theme store for customization. One was different and impressive was the phones lock screen which had sets of beautiful wallpaper, kept changing each time you lock unlock the phone. The software also had dedicated cleaner and app draining app detection. The app draining app detection was a lot impressive as it use to measure the consumption in mAh that would made you kill power consumption apps. The software was impressive needs a bit more improvement it was lot close to complete the xiaomi redmi note. I don’t know about the future updates it’s definite it will be slow not as fast as Nexus device.

Performance of Huawei Honor 4x

The Huawei Honor 4x packs in 64bit snapdragon 410 processor at this range with Such huge screen it will be only one phone. The phone performance for the games was impressive I tried playing Asphalt 8, blek , monument valley I didn’t seen any lags and yeah it’s awesome. Antutu Score was about 19823 which is great not the best.

Antutu Score Huawei Honor 4X

Antutu Score Huawei Honor 4X

Camera of the Huawei Honor 4x

It packs in 13 MP camera and 5MP front camera. Talking first of the front camera it had a wide aperture to take groupies definite in that front camera. It reminds me of the Nokia lumia 535 which had a huge aperture for front camera. The rear camera was Good not the best still suffers in low light but sometimes manages perfect with flash.

This pic was captured from #huawei #honor 4x rear camera. Had to say at #budget price its really #impressive

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The Huawei Honor 4X is really an Impressive phone and only competition to the xiaomi redmi note 4g yet some software updates will make it the best competitor as it was almost close to its experience. The front camera of Honor 4x is really impressive.

Huawei Honor 4X






Call Quality




Value For money



  • Wide Aperture Front Cam
  • Good Build


  • Software needs bit improvement