HyperX beast DDR3 8GB x 2 2400mhz Review

HyperX Beast DDR3 RAM

Kingston’s HyperX line-up is for gamers. No doubt they had been doing well in each. We already saw their HyperX Cloud Drone Headset review. Now here’s HyperX Beast DDR3 Ram. It’s one of the most amazing things which we saw.


HyperX Beast DDR3 RAM

HyperX Beast DDR3 RAM

Build of the HyperX Beast DDR3

The change of the ram, a building of faster ram with some heat sink which made a complete overhaul to the industry. Gone those days of ram where it uses to be only green and black chip of memory. The Ram is way better than those boring green colour. The HyperX Beast DDR3 ram has a hard plastic covering on it. The side has written hyper x beast on it. Also, it looks monster beast. If you notice, there’s an enclave plastic enclosure. The huge upright at the side is moving down towards the mid. Then at the middle there typical square ups and downs. Overall it gave a killer look to your RIG.



This department is for which the ram built by Kingston. Its 2400mhz is way better than my thoughts. It is indeed the best RAM DDR3 I have used till date. I can say the RAM management Increased to best performance. It opened up Lightroom and Photoshop way faster than my old Transcend DDR3 ram. I loved it. I had coupled the RAM with Intel Core i7 2600. The adding HyperX Beast leverage the performance to complete new level. You’ve got to choose this and SSD to make the old PC complete new. It is right that RAM plays a significant role.

I saw even Google Chrome worked well at multiple tabs without any issues. It’s an excellent RAM and for gamers like me, it is indeed much-required an upgrade for sure. The RAM is better. Approximately Each ram stick had 7.8 GB of usable ram space for using your apps and multitask. Even single Ram stick is enough most times. It can run games way batter than earlier.



Overall this ram costs between 15-16k Rs INR on Amazon. I would say it’s a long-term upgrade to your existing gaming rig. HyperX did pretty well job for gamers I can see, and it’s indeed one of my favourite brands.