HyperX Cloud Alpha S Review – The only best gaming headphone you should buy now

Honestly, the HyperX brand has done amazing things for gamers. Today we have the HyperX Cloud Alpha S its an attempt to some power users by adding out a 7.1 channel USB sound card.

Inbox content

  • Headphones
  • Carrying case
  • 3.5mm aux
  • Mic
  • USB sound card for 7.1 channel sound
  • 2 extra ear cups


The Cloud Alpha S has large circular Y-shaped metal arms that connect each oval earcup-to the headband. You get two colours option like one we had was complete black and another one is blue Y metal rails option. When you wear the headphone, 1st thing the enclosure for the external sound is amazing. The headband cushion is comfortable for the long run and the default earcups are brilliant.

The cable provided is a thick braided one which isn’t easily destroyable. I have seen one the best quality cable which are very long as well as strong for a very long run.

Sound and Gaming

When you are normal mode with 3.5mm the headphone sound good, but when you plug in the USB sound card and turn on 7.1mm channel. The headphones are on complete next level of the sound signature. All of the sudden the same match depth and the detail of the sound is completely at next level.

From just two drivers, you are exactly able to locate from which area the enemy is coming to you. Not just left or right but beyond to it. You could able to judge how far and get precise location for the FPS kill. These are the Brilliant headphones and worth each penny for the cost.


HyperX Cloud Alpha S is must buy for gamers and even streamers as it produces some good quality voice over the microphone. Considering the fact it is for gaming the comfort is amazing. It is not for the audiophile user but that’s isn’t the target. The low and minute details of the sound or gameplay is perfectly optimized in these headphones.