HyperX Furry Ultra Review – The RGB mousepad


I’ve talked a lot of RGB things components on this website; in fact, the last review was the HyperX Furry RGB SSD review. Today we have an exciting component for review that is the HyperX Furry Ultra RGB Mousepad. 

HyperX Furry Ultra
HyperX Furry Ultra


  • Light effects: Per-LED RGB lighting
  • Cable type and length: 1.8m Braided cable
  • Weight: 580g
  • Thickness: 5.0mm
  • Dimension: 359.4 x 299.4
  • Material: Plastic
  • Software compatible: HyperX NGENUITY (Beta)

Build and Performance

Well, I think most of us would have seen those rollable huge and multiple sizes of the standard mousepad. The HyperX Furry Ultra is a much different approach to all the Standard of the mousepad. More importantly, it withstands those claims. A pretty huge, solid and unfoldable mousepad with the RGB edges is something magical to experience. I think it an extra piece of tech for the setup to complete your RGB everything setup.

The top has a smooth material to move the mouse in all possible DPI you would require with enough amount for the hand rest area. The bottom has a unique holes-like material which helps you to give Anti-Slip base. It works best in all scenarios. The specs sheet does say that it is build of plastic material, So don’t get it wrong. It is build of an optimum quality plastic which doesn’t make you feel it is cheap. Yes doesn’t have the softness like the standard mats but yes it is of a good quality which did surprise me after using it for two weeks. The rubberized texture at the top and bottom is a complete added advantage to use and feel of the mousepad.

The RGB Stip at the edge with the HyperX logo at the top of the mousepad is customizable. HyperX Ngenuity software is an added advantage which is connected via USB. So you could sync it to your system.


A different approach but a complete innovation aspect is done by HyperX. Yes, I personally think it is at high price side where only fewer enthusiasts will look after. If you think it as a long term investment then it is totally worth it. We give it a pick.