HyperX PluseFire Core RGB Review – The Best mouse for Gamers?

If you had been avid reader here, you know how much I am keen about the HyperX Product are build for the gamers in mind. We did reviewed HyperX Pulsefire FPS earlier.

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Build of HyperX Plusefire RGB

The pulse fire gaming mouse always has the best ergonomics for the long handheld. The strength of the Pulsefire series is present as well in this device. The top has the best quality matte finish plastic while the sides have the rubberize curved shape grip which makes the ergonomics to hold best one.

There are total of 7 buttons, left click, right click, scroll wheel, DPI up, DPI down, Internet Forward, Internet backward. The placements of these buttons is just amazingly done. The mouse fits in the palm but the fingers reaches perfectly to these buttons.

The bottom has the optical laser light which does track of all the things.

The performance is stellar and specially fps or strategy you will enjoy more. The quick switch of the DPI helps a lot for precision.


There’s the nGeniuity software which is versatile and brilliant. You don’t need to configure it. Just plug the mouse and run the software it detects it all. The RGB control stays with the software and which is exclusive for hyperx RGB devices.


The combination of RGB and ergonomics definitely adds this device to sure pick. Its definitely adds great value for money to HyperX Pulsefire RGB.