iBall CompBook The Cheapest Laptop Review

iBall CompBook

There are lots of laptop with a wide variety of the range, some are the stealthy performer, dedicated for gaming or mid use and much more. There was the era of the netbook which kind of got banish, because of slow and sludgy, also uglier. Then after Windows 10 launch with hope for coming cheap windows laptop which will compete Chromebooks. I didn’t expect much until iBall CompBook came to me for special review.

iBall CompBook

iBall CompBook

Specification of iBall CompBook

  • 11.6 inch HD screen of 1366 x 768 resolution
  • Intel Atom Processor 1.83 Ghz Quad core processor
  • Touchpad with Multi-Touch capability
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB InBuilt Storage with 64GB Expandable via MicroSD card
  • 2 x USB 2.0 port, 1 x HDMI port
  • WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0
  • 10,000 mAh Battery
iBall CompBook Top

iBall CompBook Top

Build of iBall CompBook


I seriously thought it would be a totally cheap laptop considering the price point. When I unboxed it, I was surprised to see laptop which was small and at the same time having a wonderful build. The iBall Compbook in the first impression was light to hold. It weights only 1.09 KGs which was super light and good portability for the laptop. The iBall Compbook on the top-side it had a texture of 2 horizontal round edges rectangle and 2 vertical round edges rectangle which covered the complete laptop. That texture feels much better than smooth or glossy laptop surface and more importantly it won’t get scratches on the laptop which would steal its view in future. There was the iBall Logo with the same texture and at the mid there for the mid-size logo of Horizontal K which waves a better look. The Laptop didn’t feel cheap at all and the design team did well with choosing the right material which most laptop fails to deliver. I give especially thumbs up to the overall exterior design.

Keyboard and trackpad of iBall CompBook

I’m adding this especially because this laptop is not for those performance users or gamers while this laptop is dedicatedly for those who does blogging, digital marketing, SEO or Documents editor, Presentation maker, watch movies other than their smartphones. So this laptop is for such people. So these people will definitely spend their time on the keyboard and trackpad the most. If you talk especially of the keyboard, it had a decent key travel. Buttons were decent tactile with top Function keys made the experience much better. At the left top had a power button and “i” key was dedicatedly red for the brand name. There isn’t dedicated Numpad but its accessible on keyboard via Function(Fn) key. There was dedicated Arrow keys which didn’t have many compromises.

The trackpad to my surprise was having multi-touch support and it syncs well. Even many laptops still lack a good trackpad, but iBall CompBook doesn’t fail to meet the expectation of the trackpad which is most important in the laptop. So that makes it easier to carry as you don’t to pack extra mouse for such user. All possible supported multi-touch gesture were supported in Windows.

iBall CompBook keyboard

iBall CompBook keyboard

Operating System Experience and Performance

The laptop did come with the latest operating system that is Windows 10. To the surprise, it didn’t come with any bloatware as of or any partnered inbuilt app. It was much cleaner as that what we see on the desktop. That was perfectly good take by iBall because if the added bloatware there would be less usable space left. Out of 32GB, You get 21.0 GB Space to use and which is sufficient for such type of users. you won’t be let down as you could install Microsoft Office (as it doesn’t get pre-installed) or any alternative. You could much rely on online web apps much to save much space. Overall there had a MicroSD Card slot for expansion and also the 2 x USB 2.0 ports too which will definitely help you well.


Battery Life

This is was the best thing in the CompBook, I didn’t expect as the battery life was claimed by iBall. Still now my laptop is at 9% and it says 1h 09m battery left That’s totally insane. I haven’t seen any windows laptop giving such a great battery life. I could easily get more than 8 hours of work time with Wifi browsing, watching youtube and much more. For that point, that was hilarious for me. Seriosly iBall impressed me at this.



For the price point of 9,999 Rs, you get iBall CompBook Excelance while for 19,999 you get Excelance pro. I would say you get a Good HD Screen with Good viewing angles, Good built quality, and best battery life for a normal user and traveller this is one the best laptop to carry as it fits well the in bag. iBall CompBook is seriously the surprisingly a good product for me in this year.

iBall CompBook










Value for money



  • Surprisingly Good Built
  • Great Trackpad
  • Good Battery life


  • Storage is bit compromised