iBall WinTop V3.0 Deskset Review – The budget Keyboard and mouse combo

iBall, I think you are already aware of this company for sure. The company started in 2001, and if you remember or not, we did a review of iBall Compbook in the past. We were surely impressed with the budget pricing and small form factor of that laptop. I am bringing an excellent line up of a review of the iBall accessories. Today we have the keyboard and mouse combo called iBall WinTop V3.0 Deskset.

Specification of iBall WinTop V 3.0 Deskjet

  • Winner Keyboard
    • Elegant and Sturdy Design
    • Special soft feel keys
    • Water-resistant design
    • Extra comfort for spacebar and Enter key
    • Sealer membrane sheet for reliability
    • 103 keys
    • USB 2.0 Connector
    • Dimension: 2.5 (H) x 44.8 (W) x 16.8 (D) cm
    • Weight: 452 grams
    • Indian Rupee symbol support on the keyboard (requires extra software to install)
  • Style36 Mouse
    • Ergonomic and comfortable design
    • High-speed optical mouse with speed button selection
    • 100 CPI / 1600 CPI changeable
    • USB 2.0 connector
    • Switch life: 5 million life cycle
    • Dimension: 3.5 (H) x 6.2 (W) x 10.1 (D) cm
    • Weight:69 grams
  • Power rating for both: 5V DC – 100mA
  • Free 6 months Akruti Multilingual Software subscription
  • 3 Years warranty for the product
  • MRP: Rs 845

Build of iBall WinTop V 3.0 Deskjet

I’ll start with the keyboard, the oval structures to the classic rectangular shape does add a ergomics. You get a better palm rest while typing and more important fitting some extras keys space. It’s the standard keyboard for every daily and corporate use. I’m mentioning corporate because of its warranty for 3 years. It’s an economic benefit for long term.

The keyboard has a basic keys for the price over the single chip. The base has a sealer membrane for the soft typing experience. The key travel is good, which is perfect for fast Typing. Add-on you get the Rupee symbol support for the creatives and accounts managers. It does comes with 6 month akruti subscription.

Let’s talk about the mouse, I think inside the combo I’ve never seen mouse had a DPI controller and a good ergomics. iBall WinTop v3.0 totally surprised me with ergomics and 2 setting DPI switch. The special gripping area does add a little comfort for the CorelDraw or the Photoshop or illustutor users. It doesn’t has re-mapable switches but that’s a lot to ask for a Budget.


I think for the price of RS 845 it does checks in a lot for the budget. It’s the combo for the long term users where you’ve small offices or startup which looks for more long terms investments. This is definitely recommend for those and specially for those who are investing in a computer for first time still it’s the best they could get with this price point. We give iBall WinTop V3.0 complete pick.