#GrowthHacks: Ecommerce Trends In 2017 You Need To Know About

Building work for future

1. Social Media Will Soar Social media saw a huge leap this year with the introduction of Facebook Dynamic Ads. This is bound to continue. For its part, Snapchat is coming up with more strategies for e-commerce. So that’s bound to see a leap in 2017 as well. This year saw the introduction of video shopping ads where Target and Lancôme advertised their products through video. To make a purchase, all a customer needs to do is swipe across the product. If you’re wondering what is ecommerce advertising, this is a great example. Although advertising info isn’t complete, the platform […]

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CodeChef SnackDown 2016: Finally get its ultimate winner

CodeChef Snack Down 2016 Winners

CodeChef, a non-profit educational initiative which has been always arranging SnackDown finally founds its winner on 9th July witnessed top 50 teams from high schools, colleges, and corporate organizations from all across the globe, participate in a five-hour long onsite programming battle at CodeChef’s headquarters in Directiplex, Mumbai, India.  Borys Minaiev and Gennady Korotkevich of ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, Russia claimed the title of “SnackDown 2016 Champions” and a hefty cash award of $10,000. So What’s CodeChef SnackDown CodeChef is a non-profit education initiative of Directi. This company has successfully completed the 3rd time its SnackDown Coding competition at the […]

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GIGABYTE Enters Indian Graphics Card Market

GIGABYTE, world’s leading premium hardware brand, has launched the full range of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards in India with exclusive distribution partner, INGRAM MICRO. Combined with technical expertise, innovative products, and superb customer service, GIGABYTE is now bringing its top-notch quality products to the market, and providing Indian users the ultimate graphics experience.   Given the significance and an anticipated strong growth in the future, India has been targeted as one of GIGABYTE key markets for graphics cards in the coming years. By cooperating with INGRAM MICRO, the nationwide leader in IT distribution, GIGABYTE graphics cards have become more easily […]

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