Infinix Quiet 2 Noise cancelling headphones review

Infinix Quiet 2
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Infinix mobiles entered the Indian market last year, and I have received the pair of headphones from Infinix to review which are entirely different to the pair of the headphones you own. They are called Infinix Quiet 2, and they are the only headphones under budget which have dedicated noise-cancelling.
Yes, the noise cancelling makes it different from the others, and I will share to how much over this review. I do have reviewed and used multiple headphones from Sony, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Mi, OnePlus, Boat, and Skullcandy ones.

Infinix Quiet 2

Infinix Quiet 2

Inbox content of Infinix Quiet 2

  • The Headphones itself
  • 2 extra small and medium-size in-ear buds with 1 Shark fin ear hook
  • 1 soft carrying case
  • User Manual

Infinix Quiet 2 Inbox Content

Build Quality of the Infinix Quiet 2

If you have used any of the headphones, you know most of them has a 3.5mm jack, an incline controller with the microphone and the two earpieces. It was also same for the Quiet two, but it has the particular extra unit of the noise cancelling that made the headphones quiet longer than the usual ones used. Yes, a dedicated noise cancelling unit is present on the headphones near to the headphone jack which is called ANC box. We will discuss in detail about the ANC box in later part of the review.

The headphones come with the regular cable which not tangle free. The soft case is bundled with the Infinix logo on the page is an excellent addition to the headphones will not get tangled when you carry them. The cable is good and thick in between the ANC box and the in-line controller unit.

Infinix Quiet 2

Infinix Quiet 2

The in-line controller has three buttons volume up, volume down and Play/pause button with microphone hole at the behind. The unit of the hard plastic with soft and clicky buttons which is good. Right from the in-line controller, the wire gets divided into two for the earpiece.

Infinix Quiet 2

Infinix Quiet 2

The ear-buds gets a metal enclosure on which the fin ear tip fits over to that the in-ear bud fits. In the looks department, the headphones look perfect. In the area of comfort for a longer duration, I would say it bit lacks in this. A longer duration means for straight 4 hours or longer it is not for that. You would end up removing and refitting them for some relief. At least I did it. In case of typical day to day travel I hardly notice this, but over the long journey, I did see this.

The sound of the Infinix Quiet 2

The music is the primary key factor why would someone spend on headphones. In my opinion, they sound just perfect. If you listen to the bass type of songs a lot, the bass is accurate. It is not high or heavy bass if you love that this is not in the headphones. Even after using the amp or if you phone supported amp the bass did boost little, but it was just perfect level for me. Talking about the treble, it is on point with the headphones. The range it could sustain was between 28 Hz – 18000 Hz according to the test which I ran. If you use the ANC, I saw a little bump in the sound.

Infinix Quiet 2

Infinix Quiet 2

Noise cancelling or ANC box

If you are not aware of the noise cancelling, then it just has to detect the sound in your surrounding and completely shut it down. The two pair of earphones have a mic which continually monitors noise when you slide and turn on the ANC. There is a green light on ANC which turns on and also both earpiece it turns on, Indicating the noise cancelling is turned on.

Infinix Quiet 2

Infinix Quiet 2

Yes, it indeed makes the noise cancellation, but it does not make a complete 100% noise cancellation that you will not notice any sound in the surrounding. I would say without ANC there 15% different. 7.5% it decreases the surrounding noise and 7.5% it boots the volume of the headphones which make you feel the noise cancellation is made much better.

Talking about the charging and the battery life of the Noice Cancellation or the ANC, It did last for 8 Hours. You would need a MicroUSB cable to charge, and it is not bundled in the box for you. While charging there is a red led indication which means it is charging and while the charging is done the red led gets to turn off.


Infinix Quiet 2

Infinix Quiet 2 Inline Controller and ANC

For the price its retails under 2000rs (Rs 1499 on Flipkart), I would there are not many headphones with dedicated noise cancellation, and I will not complain much, but somehow in every aspect, it does a good job. Indeed they are pick from Absolute Gizmos side if your sound profile is flat and love those type songs or genre.

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Infinix Quiet 2

Rs 1499







Noise Cancellation


Value For Money



  • Noise Cancellation
  • Good Build Quality
  • Flat Sound Profile
  • Great Value for Money


  • ANC could be more better
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