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Inshort News App

To know what is going on around us is a primitive instinct. In a smooth and eventful mode of life, this instinct would be moderate and perhaps resistible. But in modern times, where new dawn is likely to bring momentous change it is hard to live in ignorance of the events. But is it always possible to go through the articles in the newspaper or the bulletin, well certainly not. Inshort is the solution to all your problems.

Inshort is an application which provides the collection of latest, trending, and important news from national and international sources without overdrawing it,  and presenting it in concise and crisp 60 words or less in both English and Hindi language.

It provides headlines with the summarization of the news, which helps us to stay updated with the current affairs, and original story is just a click away.


User Interface

The UI is designed pretty well considering the looks and functionality. Let’s look at each of these aspects for better understanding.

Inshort News App

Inshort News App – Main Interface

  • Looks
  • The Decent framing of the news article and the image related to the same which provides us with the glimpse of the situation.
  • The selected Font and its size are proper which provides a clean and adequate reading experience in both of the languages mentioned above.
  • Categorization of the news helps you to personalise your experience and allow us to choose our desired news section which ranges from Top stories, Trending to particular feed such as Business, Politics, Entertainment.


Inshort News App - More topics

Inshort News App – More topics



  • Minimum usage of buttons doesn’t distract you from the content.


  • Functionality
Inshort News App Settings and Fuctions

Inshort News App Settings and Fuctions


  • As mentioned earlier the appearance is decent and doesn’t confuse you with some BEAUTIFUL designs, thus helps to concentrate on content.
  • The interface is intuitive. Nothing sophisticated, easy to use.
  • Night mode option for more comfortable night reads.
  • We have the choice to keep the image with the news in HD or not.

Technical Aspects

App details

  • Size- 5.24 MB
  • Updated on- 13th July 2016
  • Version-3.7.5
  • Minimum software requirement- Android version 4.4 onwards,
  • Is a battery consumer?

No. It doesn’t drown your battery; at most it will contribute only 2% of battery usage in a single day.

  • Does it form Cache?

The answer is yes. It makes up approximately 15mb of cache for a single day .


Comparison with Hike News

Well, hike news has the similar approach as like Inshort, providing us with the summarization of the news but there are some of the differences and similarities that we are going to discuss below

  1. The representation of the content is quite similar in both applications, but the thing that makes change is the special mention of the person who did make this news short without cooking it up.
  2. We can share our favourite news feed on our social media platforms in both of these. But the Inshort also provides us with the TOSS option which helps us to share the shorts with our contacts (which should have Inshorts installed on their device).
  3. You got a choice in here for liking the news as well which is note
  4. YouTube forms an additional source of information for Inshorts with other national and international sources


  1. Good interface, easy to use.
  2. The new TOSS feature offers one-touch sharing within Inshorts circle.
  3. YouTube being one of the sources for these shorts is a boon.
  4. Night mode option availability makes your reading even easier during dark.
  5. It’s not a battery consumer.


  1. Notifications might irritate you because they keep popping up as something new happens. But you got the option to switch them off in the settings.
  2. It happens to use a lot of caches which is thumbs down.


The Verdict

  1. Inshorts provides you with the best of news around the world in short and crisp formulation while allows us to explore the whole story with just one touch.
  2. Simplicity in the interface helps to be precise with the content and doesn’t entertain you with unwanted stuff. Proper categorization of help to choose the desired one.
  3. The app is just 5.24mb in size which is great but happens to use a lot of caches.
  4. It’s not a battery consumer which is a saviour.
Inshort News App

Inshort News App – Notifications