Interview with Mandeep Arora MD of UBON inc.

Mr. Madeep Aroa, Co-Founder UBON

UBON headquartered in Delhi is India’s leading Gadget Accessory & Consumer Electronics brand that addresses the need of ‘Connected Consumers’ and ‘People on the go’. With the proper R&D and right use of technology the brand offers products such as Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones, Chargers, Cables, Car Accessories, Care Products, Surge Protectors & more than 125 accessories. UBON was launched with the aim of increment in the reach of the Branded quality gadgets and mobile accessories to the consumer of every sector, vertical, and society. The Brand was incorporated in the year 1999.

I’m indeed lucky who got a chance to interreact with Mandeep Arora who is the MD for UBON.

Mr. Madeep Aroa, Co-Founder UBON
Mr. Madeep Aroa, Co-Founder UBON

How did UBON started and grow?

A: It was in 1998 or earlier when Mandeep Arora found an opportunity for accessory market. A better and cheaper accessory can be provided to the Indian buyers. Mainly it started with Walkman Earphones and MP3 earphones. It was in 2009 when it started to enter to the Mobile accessory industry. Mandeep realised the lack of serious intervention of branded players for the masses in the mobile phone accessories segment, which is rapidly growing niche in India. The goal of UBON brand is to address the need of ‘Connected Consumers’ and ‘People on the go. They manufacture excellent quality gadgets at an affordable price by focusing on both, the right assembly of equipments combined with well built quality. The brand recognizes on every type and every category of the consumer, by providing a wide range of more than 126 products and accessories.  

What made Ubon Pioneer?

So mainly Good quality and Good value for money is always the main Objective for the Ubon. It has still stayed the same for it.

How are products manufactured?

In Initial days unlike no other brand, Ubon also started from manufacturing it from China, importing it and selling it to the audience. After enough capital Ubon started its own manufacture plant in India in 2014. So that actually makes one of the few accessories manufacture which majorly makes it product in India.

Ubon use to manufacture screen guards in its own factory and almost 2-3 lakhs were used to get sold. So Mandeep Arora, did state that 90 percent of the product portfolio is manufactured in India. It depends china for 9-10 percent such as connectors or ports which can’t be manufactured here. Such things lead to decrease in cost for India.

After the lockdown what will be the main AIM of the Ubon? what type of products?

Ubon already had smart watches but mainly after the lockdown ends main AIM will be for healthcare and fitness products. Ubon has already started the production of N95 Masks to meet the demand of 135 crores Indian. All the masks are manufactured in Indian factory which is going to be cheaper as per Mandeep Arora.

More about Ubon

The brand has also collaborated with leading online marketplaces such as Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart to reach the masses. Apart from being available online, UBON has a robust supply chain network which enables it to distribute its products all over India with the different distribution levels available in every State. The brand has mastered the retail chain network across India and can be found at majority of the shops & showrooms in the Country.

With the mobile phone accessories industry poised to become at USD 104 billion industry by 2022, UBON attempts to resolve 3 core issues:

  1. With rapid growth in marketing and design prospects, there is no serious intervention of good branded players in the mobile phone accessory world
  2. Creating distinctive and well built products that match Indian and international standards.
  3. Offering latest technology equipped stylish yet long lasting accessories at an affordable price.

The company follows a no compromise policy and uses latest Japanese technology along with technologies from different countries to serve better with the highest quality products. Apart from this, they are working on minimum profit plan as they are constantly working for the consumer satisfaction rather than focusing on revenue generation. 

The brand aims to be the world’s largest mobile phone accessories brand aims to explore the world market to represent UBON to every country of the world. Recently, the brand collaborated with Tiger Shroff as a Brand Ambassador for their latest Headphones & Speakers series. UBON deals in Music System, Bluetooth Headphones, Earphones, chargers, screen protectors, card readers, karaoke, computer speakers, sound bar & Home Theater in total UBON is dealing in more than 150 products with more than 100 distributors all over India.