Interview with Targus spokespersons for the upcoming products

We had a convesation with the Targus spokespersons Edith and dan. It was a great meet, also got to know many stuffs regarding Targus as a brand and a tech contributor to world.
As Edith and Dan displayed the Targus inventory, that included the backpacks , phone /pad case also the Docking station for laptops.
Must say those all were amazing and also embedded with some or the other stuffs that were related to pure technology, as well as all those stuffs had a trending fashion sense in it too.

The CES nominated docking station from Targus

I got to know newer things from the backpacks and many more Targus accessories. These Targus backpacks have a separate compartment for laptop in every backpack. There were techs like sling and tumble up that wint allow you laptop to fet damaged no matter how many times your backpack drops accidentally or no matter how many times it just falls down flat but you dont need to worry it will always fall towards the cushions rather then infront where the screen is faced.

Then comes the beautiful cases with so many shades of colours. These cases might seem to be fashionable but those are military graded and if you happen to use any one of those cases on your i-devices then your devices might become invulnerable and eternal as well haha just a joke. But at the same time its true that those lovely cases are stronger then most of the cases available n market.
The mounting docks that, Targus got rewarded for being innovator’s of the future and also got
nominated in CES 2019 thats going to commence in next month this January 2019.
The first of its kind four HDMI port dock, with full hd output. Another one that you showcased was huge performer with a dual Hdmi with 4K out. You can use anyone of those to create a huge workstation with minimalist space or a high end gaming personal machine with highest performance.

These were the beasts in docks categories and also extremely portable. But inspite of they being so much compact you had more tiny things as portable docks. These
portable docks were so tiny that i could have easily occupied 3-4 in my denim pockets hahahah.
“I loved them personally as my travel buddy. “
After seeing all those accessories and technology things you also gave me a glimpse of what
Targus has kept in store for the future of docking world.
That was absolute beauty to my eyes as everything was just tanglefree.

Just a hint about the glimpse i had at the meet.
Its small and it has no wires now 😍
Keep watching for the blog for more upcoming technology reviews from Targus as well as some other future makers.