Intex DC 200 Car Inverter Review – Make your Car Feature rich

Intex is the brand which needs no introduction to you all guys. I thought at first glance it’s could be only in speakers and smartphones. It was a total surprise for me to see a car accessory right from Intex. All thanks to them for providing me with a review¬†unit as well. The DC 200 means the 200 watt power is supplied by the device.

Intex DC 200 box

Build of the Intex DC-200 Car Inverter

It was a tall circular shape device, at the bottom it has an opening for a ventilation fan which helps to keep the device cool. It has a normal car charger wire bundled in the box. The whole Intex DC 200 car inverter is build of plastic. The middle part is of thin plastic of good quality and the top lead to cover the I/O ports its of hard plastic. It doesn’t feel cheap but a good quality device. The red finish gives totally a classy look inside the car and is totally a head turner when people see it in car they will definitely ask you what that device.

Intex DC 200

Intex DC 200 power cable

Intex DC 200

IO Ports on Intex DC 200

– Full AC plug for camera or laptop

– 2 USB ports for phone, tablet or PowerBank

– cigarette lighter or car charger

– power on off button

– status light

Intex DC 200 ports


When you plug this thing to the car charger there is a very low noise of the fan. The fan only starts when you hit the power button. I found this totally useful for the people who travel a lot in their car and work in laptop or have to charge there camera battery. The full AC plug right inside the car is totally useful. It won’t charge it completely has our home or workstation but get the thing done atleast. In my daily life it impacted well. Plus the addition of the 2 USB ports and car charger is extra benefit for all. It fits perfectly in any cup holder it throws air from the bottom so I might not recommend that. Place it horizontally in the car which will be totally useful for the long run of all the device. More to that it has 25A/32V fuse which helps in Overload protection, over heat protection, over current protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, short circuit protection it means whatever you put to charge will be 100 percent safe and not to worry on both side.


I personally think that this device was much useful device which will definitely come in use in an emergency situation or high priority situations. For traveler or laptop user while travelling this thing is must. It is totally inexpensive which cost around to 3000rs. If you were already looking for this device don’t think of anything else just go buy it you won’t regret.