iRevo’s Smart Devices will change the way you look at your TV!

At a press conference held in the City today, iRevo Multimedia, founded in Silicon Valley and now firmly focused on the Indian market, announced the launch of two ground-breaking products, viz. iRevo SmartTV & the iRevo SmartPC

The iRevo SmartTV is a single-point contact to a world of TV content, movies, music videos and online entertainment; all of which you can watch at your convenience, at your selected time. The iRevo SmartTV is powered by iRevo Cloud Platform and iRevo Software on the device, making it far superior to any existing SmartTV in the market. The iRevo Cloud Platform, with its powerful content aggregation and curation features, ensures that you spend less time searching and more time playing and viewing your favourite content. It also comes equipped to handle social media content access. Its App Integration technology enables users to randomly switch between various content and Apps without having to exit/stop and start another application. iRevo SmartTV User Interface is based on Active Tile technology, which is very easy to navigate and use. The iRevo Air Mouse and remote control give you further ease of interacting with your SmartTV! What’s more, you can also access all this content on your smartphone or tablet via PlayCast, iRevo’s app. Furthermore, PlayCast App’s TelePlay feature enables you to stream your photos, videos and music from smartphones or tablets to your TV, via iRevo SmartTV. iRevo platforms come with a Multiple Language User Interface and content Curation also supports languages. Examples, it brings Catch-up TV (TV Shows) in 9 regional Indian languages. 

Mr. Dhimant Bhayani, Founder and CEO of iRevo, further said, “With the world fast shrinking and technology uniting all of us, we want to be an active player in getting users connected online, in the best possible way. We plan to do so by creating a robust network by partnering with ISPs, MSOs and Telcos. This will result in bringing cost effective bundling of the iRevo SmartPC with bandwidth plans. Participating in the various Digital India initiatives with the PMO is sure to put our plans on the fast track. What excites us further is that iRevo supports Kids View that provides educational content and safe browsing for kids, an absolute urgency of the hour. With viruses and pop-ups gone, user can now enjoy a superior browsing experience that is world-class, right here in India.”

In addition to the SmartTV, iRevo Multimedia also announced the iRevo SmartPC. Students, children, families and small businesses that are still waiting to experience their first true broadband experience will welcome it whole-heartedly. iRevo SmartPC, with its WebTop interface,  integratesdesktop, Apps, games and web browsing environment that is easy to operate and offers its users anorganized WebTop for a clutter free desktop that is customizable. Underlying the iRevo WebTop, is the latest Android 4.4 (KitKat), enabling users to download Apps directly from Google Play store. The iRevo SmartPC is powered by a Quad Core CPU and plenty of DRAM. The solid state drive, wireless keyboard and mouse are included in the price, The main unit connects to LED, LCD, plasma or CRT TVs, making it a very versatile device. A PC monitor with HDMI input is also supported.



iRevo is positioned as an end-to-end solutions provider with its wide product line of smart devices and deep technology portfolio comprising of Cloud Platform for content, device and user management combined with WebTop, TV Apps and Apps for Smartphones and Tablets. iRevo is also an important player in the digital signage and cable TV advertising products with devices like iRevo DS Player and iRevo Catcher.

iRevo’s cutting-edge products will be available to the Indian consumer via the retail and online channels as well as via bundling partnerships with ISPs, Telcos and MSOs. To keep its expansion plans seamless, iRevo will be raising new capital to support its accelerated growth throughout India 

iRevo SmartTV powered by iRevo Cloud is priced at MRP of Rs. 8,499 with Air Mouse and Rs.7,499 with IR Remote. MRP for iRevo SmartPC with wireless keyboard and mouse starts at Rs. 7,499. All the devices come with 1 Year warranty and will be available all across the country through the leading outlets and major online shopping portals.