Jio Summer Surprise Offer Cancelled Question and Answers [ALL]

As you must be aware that the JIO Summer surprise offer is already canceled/ discontinued by JIO. So There’s a lot of buzzes some true or fake I am here to answer all the right one in the perfectly right way. Let me tell you I have the official press release from the JIo Team so I will be answered according to that.



1.Was JIO Summer Surprise offer a publicity stunt or April Fools Prank?

Ans. No, It wasn’t any stunt or prank. JIO has to take the offer back because of the TRAI. TRAI forced JIO to take down the summer surprise offer. TRAI received lots of complaints about JIO from other Telecomm operators like Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, etc. So don’t be angry on JIO. JIO is still capable of providing the offer but nothing is Bigger than TRAI.

2.I have already Recharged 99rs + 303rs will that be wasted?

Ans. No that won’t get wasted if you have already recharge on or before 6th April 2017. You will be eligible for summer surprise offer and only a few selected people who did the recharge will be available for that offer and not others who did the recharge from 7th April.

3.I have only recharge 99rs for prime membership will I get Summer Surprise Offer?

Ans. No, you won’t get the summer surprise offer. If you did the 303rs recharge on/before 6th April then and then only you will be able to get the summer surprise offer.

4. I have recharged for 99rs + 149rs then as per Absolute Gizmos Article I recharged 303rs Is everything wasted?

Ans. No Nothing has got wasted. First, you got valid for Summer Surprise to offer then after the 3 months of summer surprise your 149rs rs plan will start for 28 days. After to that 28 days, Your 303rs plan will get activated for next 28 days. So total 5 months recharge is already done.

5.Is TRAI Doing unfair with JIO?

Ans. I don’t think TRAI is doing anything wrong with JIO. The last report of Speed test of TRAI shows that fastest network in India is JIO. So that was a great news. The TRAI always has to take the right decision so that all telecom operators survives in India.
So that’s all the Question and Answers which I received you still have more question? Reach to me on facebook twitter or Instagram. Just search for Absolute Gizmos And I will answer all your questions.