How Just Switching to LED could change your Diwali Environment ?

This is the day of Lights and joyful and if you are here on time then Happy Diwali for you all guys. Diwali is the festival celebrated by almost all castes and faiths.All because it spreads much Joy being with society. People clean their house much before throwing out the negativity.

Let’s come to the point of decoration it could be of mainly two types Floral decoration and lighting decoration. Lights are the main reason Diwali looks much colourful at nights then the days are. Choosing a right lighting can make your Diwali much better. Let’s come to point to light some houses don’t have eco-friendly lights which have any great life span as well they tend to eat electricity bill as well.

Syska Smart Light

Syska Smart Light

5 Reasons to Choose LED Lights over CFL

  • Cost Effective:  We all know LED is much expensive initially, but again it doesn’t add up to the Electricity bill which makes it Cheaper over time( I will tell you why in 2nd point). A CFL Bulb is cheap at the same it adds to cost a lot. CFL bulb can light for 10,000 hours Approx While 50,000 Hours in LED.
  • Sustainable: A led bulb lasts much longer than CFL lamps, it almost lasts ten times better.
  • Durable:  Since it doesn’t have filaments you don’t need to worry about the time no part inside will get damaged as CFL. So no Diming of light as well.
  • Cool:  These bulb doesn’t heat up much at the same time much bright enough then the CFL. A LED shows 3.4 BTU’s/hour compare to 85 in an indecent bulb.
  • Mercury Free:  There’s no mercury inside the light so that even makes it Eco-Friendly.

Selection of Products

We gave you much more reasons to buy LED and trust me there are much more. Reasons will lead to sales. We will help you choose the best product for you so that things becomes much bright and colourful in your mind. Because #issDiwaliAsliSavings

Syska Rainbow LED Bulb: This is much better step to taking things closer to Smart home. Syska is one of the best known for LED Bulb. These bulbs will have All the reasons which we seen at the same time it offers much better features than our thought. Do check out our Syska Smart Bulb review to know more.


Rice String lights
String lights these lights are best for outdoor as well as indoor decoration. The joy of colour is something that we can’t do without and the glories of art are always one to behold. You can use this light for various lighting purposes. SYKA rice string lights are the best one’s for decorating your home and office.


LED strip lights
Decorate your house this Diwali with LED strip lights these lights are the best ones to enhance your decoration. These strips are 5 metres long and look pleasant.  It includes three multicolour i.e. RGB colour which combines with. They are advanced, eco-friendly and durable providing amazing lighting effect and glow. You can use them in offices, malls, corridors, showroom , residential for  lighting purpose because  it consume less amount of energy as can be used for long duration of time.  Syska LED light looks elegant giving a medieval ambience. You can change the light with the help of remote device which comes along with it.

SYSKA led RGB Light Strip

SYSKA led RGB Light Strip


This Diwali or if possible upcoming things about what you will choose Make sure it’s LED and you might never regreat that our gurantee.