Kingston Canvas React Plus Kit Review – 128GB SD card with best card reader for you

The technology evolves very fast and market does require to be at a fast pace. I still think back when the camera had 1080p and it was big thing. The latest camera for consumers like the Sony A7S iii or Canon EOS R either to 4K 60 FPS or 8K 30 FPS which requires a lot of memory. So, for such situations we came across Kingston Canvas React Kit SD card with card reader and let me tell you it’s fantastic.


  • Product type: SDXC Memory card
  • Speed class: UHS-II, U3, V90
  • Maximum read speed: 300MB/s
  • Maximum write speed: 260MB/s
  • Capacities: 64, 128 and 256GB

Build of SD Card

As the most of them are always build with the good quality plastic there is no exception, the exception is the Canvas kit does come the Card reader. I will say all them are built with the best quality of plastic. 9.5/10 for the build quality. I don’t have any complaints regarding to it.

Performance of SD card

The packing of the Canvas React Kit Says 300MB/s and writes speeds of up to 260MB/s. and when I tried to bench mark it 3 times all the 3 times it did achieved it. So, it is specifically clear that it could handle 8K video recording easily. I will this card will be for my all-time recommendation for the videographers and vloggers who record 4K videos daily. They just made a perfect kit in fact we used the bundled card reader for the optimum benchmark. I was able to transfer about 11GB of images in 3 mins approx.

Benchmark for Kingston canvas react kit


It is suitable for all the new cameras coming with the 8K video recording, Plus has the card reader in it. I don’t think there is any cons as the higher variant could be expensive but considering the performance it’s worth the money.