Kingston DataTraveler Bolt Duo Review – A 64GB OTG for your iPhone/iPad/iOS device

Apple iOS devices are the one which are popular in the market to be rightly available on the standalone Internal memory. There is no expandable support to it. Today we have a USB OTG drive for the review which is made by Kingston. There is something special to share about it.

InBox Content

  • The USB OTG Itself
  • Protection case

Build of the DataTraveler Duo

The DataTraveler when you unbox it is tiny device and even will fit the jeans smallest pocket easily . If you keep it in large pockets it might get lost in the pocket without the case. The one end of the device has a Lightning port with the lightning logo on the both side that is top and bottom. The other end has a USB 3.0 Type A port to connect it to your laptop or desktop. The whole drive is metal construction of the premium quality.

The other thing which is included is all round oval shape protection case for the drive which very thick to give a complete protection. Both the ends of the drive fits in to protect from dust and case is rubberized case. The case also feels premium and Kingston has definitely kept each premium detail in mind while creating this product.

Software and Performance

So for Windows, Linux or MAC won’t require a software since its a standard type A USB. So it detects the drive as normal any other drive. In your iOS device install the Kingston Bolt App from the Apple App store. Here’s the link for it. The app is compatible for both iPhone and iPad. So a good take on it. It’s the most easiest interface I’ve came across no drag and drop and everything at a single click. Three options are greeted at the start which are transfer, capture and view. Transfer to backup Existing device data. Capture to capture video or photo and save it directly in drive. And view to view existing files, photos or videos.

Coming to the point of the performance of the drive. We did ran crystalDisk mark benchmark. The device did score 145 MB/s read speed and 71 MB/s approx Write speed. For a OTG drive its enough speed.


I do recommend the device for sure and especially for those iOS users who are using the 16GB variant of the phone and it will be definitely relief to it.,