Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 Ram Review

Kingston Hyperx DDR4 RAM

Kingston HyperX I had been talking about them the lot, and yeah They are always doing well. I must say each product creates complete benchmarks and enhancing their game. They aim at gamers, and they succeed each time. Rightly from starter Gaming PC Rig to High End. I Do recommend them always. So we will be looking at Kingston’s HyperX DDR4 ram which is an entirely different thing than actually what I thought about this ram.


Kingston HyperX DDR4 Ram

Features of DDR4

  • Capacity Available 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB Kits ( We had the 8GB one for our test)
  • Speed 2133MHz, 2400 MHz, 2600 MHz
  • Power Consumption 1.2v
  • Compatible with Intel x99 Chipset
  • not compatible with lower Intel processors
Kingston Hyperx DDR4 RAM

Kingston Hyperx DDR4 RAM CPU-Z

Test Rig

  • Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard
  • Intel Core i7 6700 Processor
  • Corsair VS650 PSU

Kingston HyperX DDR4 Ram in test rig


Should a gamer care this or not, It is entirely an opinion to judged what suits and what not suits to you and your rig. If it depends on the looks, It’s small squares seen from the top over the RAM Slots in the motherboard. Then It would look totally normal or small square of the black motherboard. It doesn’t have a look because they worked well in the power department and I salute Kingston for doing that. It doesn’t have dull green PCB Ram look, but it has enhanced Heat sink and much compact look than HyperX Beast.


Kinston HyoerX Ram from Top

Performance of the RAM

This part is the most thing which you might come here to read and know this. So I am totally impressed with its Auto OverClock functionality. It was just the dope thing. I attached it to the Asus Z170 Pro gaming motherboard, and it runs at 2400mhz at the start itself. I am shocked with such incredible performance of this RAM. You can manage clock speed from the BIOS if your motherboard allows, but it clocks itself without any need of software or something else. You motherboard syncs well.

Kingston Hyperx DDR4 RAM Standby Auto Clock at 2400Mhz

Kingston Hyperx DDR4 RAM Standby Auto Clock at 2400Mhz

I use to work with few Chrome tabs open (Don’t remember the exact number) with Adobe Photoshop in the background Here are the results below in Available (Resource Monitor).

Kingston Hyperx DDR4 RAM Stress Test Manual

Kingston Hyperx DDR4 RAM Stress Test Manual

Then We thought to do a stress test to take the most advantage of the RAM. At 2400Mhz it didn’t disappoint us.

Kingston Hyperx DDR4 RAM Adobe Premiere Pro Running a Video Rendering

Kingston Hyperx DDR4 RAM Adobe Premiere Pro Running a Video Rendering

Kingston Hyperx DDR4 RAM Adobe Premiere Pro Running a Video Rendering

You can say it was the best time. The Ram didn’t show lag to other apps like browsing or something like it. It managed well. I would say the RAM Management both from Windows side and The Hardware team is done well. The task was to run exactly Processor. GPU based and RAM.



If you are getting a Z170 motherboard which lets you overclock ram as well. Then You should consider Kingston HyperX DDR4 Ram. You will never be disappointed for sure. It is currently the best Ram I reviewed in 2016. The 8GB Variant which I reviewed is around 3000rs. So get the best deal for sure. Go with Any Z170 Based Motherboard.

Kingston HyperX DDR4 RAM






Value for money



  • Automatically Overclocks
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Great Value for money