Kingston UV400 480GB SSD review

Kingston UV400 480GB SSD

SSD’s are the favourites of mine. Admit it or not one of the best inventions in the computer history for the storage is of the SSD’s. If you are still not using one SSD’s then this high time you should use one. For this particular reason, this is the review of the Kingston UV400 SSD.

Kingston UV400 480GB SSD

Kingston UV400 480GB SSD


The Most SSD’s I have seen on the desktop are always of the plastic exterior build. Kingston’s UV400 is superior to that case with the Brushed Aluminium texture over the exterior will make your desktop setup look stand out. The top has an overĀ emboss Kingston logo and name which takes the whole space at the top. It will be visible in the large rig easily after the mount. Also, the texture used will easy to guess the UV series of the SSD for everyone.


Why buy an SSD?

I know most of you complain about the Desktop or laptop going slow after the extended use period. That point you think I should Increase the Ram but substantially doesn’t affect much.

Trust me or not next time add an SSD on the desktop or replace the HDD with the SSD in the Laptop It will level up the performance 10 Times for sure.

It doesn’t have any moving part inside like an HDD. So it’s fast enough because of the flash storage like the pen drive inside. Addition to that HDD has less lifespan than SSD. SSD surely last longer than all for sure.

Watch the video which I made 2 years back explaining the main difference between.



If you really care for the bechamsrks then it totally Rules the benchmark like a boss. 554 MB/s read speed and 508 MB/s write speed which is insane. Compared to a 5400rpm HDD it’s 8 times faster.

Kingston UV400 Over Sata cable connection

Kingston UV400 Over Sata cable connection

Seagate 5400RPM HDD

Seagate 5400RPM HDD

In a day to day usage a 5400 rpm HDD takes 1 Minute to boot windows 10 but the Kingston uv400 took 7 seconds to boot to the desktop. That’s 10 times faster to the calculation.

Even Photoshop load and rendered images way faster to my calculations.


How SSDs makes the system performance faster ?

This can be your question to the mind who never used an SSD. For example you have a processor speed in 3 GHz and ram 2400 MHz. So whatever is between them would definitely occurs super fast and you have a slow 5400 rpm HDD which is slow to the ram speed will surely suffer and create bottleneck. To remove this bottleneck you surely need an SSD.


The kingston uv400 is priced for about 4,200 to 11,500 on amazon India depending upon the storage which is worth every penny you spent. So if you are planning a new rig or upgrade an existing rig don’t forgey an SSD.