LG G2 Best Phone of 2013- FULL Review

LG G2, I really don’t have any words for this device. How awesome, amazing , brillant , beyond the expectations this device is. This review comes to you from a dedicated apple fan boy no offence and no partiallity is done. When this device was launched i was watching its live streaming over youtube i think this is 3rd best phone from LG which is LG Nexus 4 ( Worldwide Hit), LG Optimus G series (both G and G Pro) , and Now LG G2. Let’s talk about some specs

LG G2 The Best Flagship Device 2013

LG G2 The Best Flagship Device 2013


  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad Core Processor 2.23ghz
  • 2 GB ram
  • 5.2inch 1080p Full HD Display 424 PPI
  • 13 MP camera , Optical Image Stabilisation with LED Flash
  • 3000 mah battery

In-box content

The phone comes with

  • 1 USB travel charger of 1.8A
  • Long USB cable
  • LG official filp cover
  • LG premium headphones Quad beat 2
  • Some documentation

UnBoxing Video

The Unique BUILD

The Buid department of the LG G2 has simply work amazing and made the thing unique. A unibody design just by keeping the volume up, volume down and menu button at back leaving the side edges smooth. That’s really awesome. 5.2 inch screen almost thin edge , the bezel is so thin it almost feel no edge. At start the placement of back buttons feels weird but in 1 or 2 days I got completely used to it.The 5.2 inch full HD 1080p display of LG G2 is so gorgeous I have hardly seen this gorgeous. If side is smooth then top has an IR blaster to change tv,setup box , DVD , AC , projector using quick remote and at top it has an noise cancelling mic. At bottom the micro USB connector, mic grill, speaker grill and 3.5mm headphone jack.The most amazing build is the lg’s flip cover. No cover I have seen in android phone in such a way having customised with software and of same matherial of back.


The Awesome Software and Multitasking

It comes with out of box Android 4.2.2 jelly bean but it feels it doesn’t runs android. That’s how smooth and multitasking is better than any android phone which you might have seen in this LG G2. The phone software is so customised even for its flip cover. Open the flip it unlocks close it locks the phone. Even I have seen the first phone taking the use of Locked Screen Widgets of android in its flip cover window. It has only 3 apps at that uses the window (Clock, weather, music player). Even most important the phone lying on the surface and you can’t access the lock button then simply double tap at he middle of screen it wakes up. Smilarly tab the notification bar twice it locks that’s has really an awesome response in LG G2. The OS was Properly optimised for Multi-Tasking it feels like it doesn’t runs android it runs something else. I never seen such experince of android  in any flagship device of android. Which makes my heart loving phone for me . Also it comes with some pre-install things like Chrome, LG BackUp, Memo, NoteBook, Quick remote, Quick Slide apps,Quick tranlator , Safety Care, SmartWorld, Dictionary. With All this apps I really had amazing time especially the Quick remote was awesome it got connected to my local setup box that was really shocking part for me No samsung phones did such. Quick Memo use to take the fastest screenshot on which you can write. It was directly available from home button slide. It has No external SD card Support but it has USB Otg support so you can connect any pendrive using USB Otg Cable (buy it seperately) it works amazingly in LG file manager itself.

CAMERA Shooter

The LG G2 has a 13 mega pixel camera with Optical Image Stabilisation, Auto Focus (manual focus), LED flash. The Phone’s default camera App was completely builded by LG in an awesome way It has Many modes so That anyone can do a better photography then the normal photo shooting. One who has no idea about camera setting just seeing the varios modes like Shot & Clear, Sports , Night , Time Catch and many more anyone can shoot better pictures. The photo looked good both in Pc and phone but its defaulty set at 10MP for 16:9 resolution. At 13 Mp we get 4:3 resolution both resolution are completely good quality not that noticeable. I think only some  android phone does Good photography in low light. This phone doesn’t disapponts you there also. I tried video capturing it was unbelievable that how amazing the video got shooted from this phone. I didn’t expected that from this phone still it didn’t disappointed. It has 2.1 mp front camera for video calling even that was amazing surprisingly


The LG G2 has 5.2 inch less edge Full HD 1080p resolution screen of 424 PPI. Its an True IPS LCD screen with 16 million colours. Making it even visible in brighter sunlight. The screen is So gorgeous and out of world you will definately love it when you pick the phone and start using it. When you watch a video on LG G2 you will be totally amazed how amazing this phone can be to give you the best video viewing experince. Supporting almost all video formats in the stock video player which can even pop out.



With 5.2 inch screen of LG G2 Full HD. Gaming is amazing on this smartphone. I tested Asphalt 8, FIFA 13 , Dead Trigger 2 All this high end game was tested. The phone seems to be heated up at back but still not that hot. That was bearable HOT if you do gaming for more than normal time it heats up a lot. Heating is not a issue that’s normal in today’s smartphone which I Think. Still I multitasked two games at the same time both worked lag free that’s because of proper optimisation and ram. I started a race on asphalt paused it started dead trigger 2 played one level didn’t exited pressing down the home button continued that race Lag free. That was really amazing thing about that phone

Battery Life

This is one of the important thing which every one ask on paper it gives 17 hours 3g talktime and approx 16 hours for 2g and that’s almost true which I got it in my experince. In normal use over messaging and social network some time on 3g major time on wifi phone lasted for one and half day but full 3g one day battery life was given to me even at gaming  i got one day battery life.


Why LG G2 better Than Samsung Galaxy Note 3 OR LG G2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3

First of I reside in india where samsung has only its octa core version

So Why LG G2 over samsung galaxy note 3 octa core version is Because for 4G LTE Support on LG G2 India has starting rolling out 4G so if you are spending almost 40-50k for a smartphone you will definately use it for 2 years. Also I think 5.2 inch screen in 5 inch form factor is more better than 5.7 inch screen in more bigger form factor. Atleast it fits in pocket very goodly for girls LG G2 only smaller part remains out in jeans . Also You can save some bucks for some more things on it . I think a normal user never needs a stylus only designer neeeds rest all things will be given out by LG G2


Wrap UP

Best Phone Go For It

Best Phone Go For It

The LG G2 is the phone really got better than my expectation in my real life. Only iPhones use to be like this for me I can say the only phone which can replace on iPhone in the world. Well if you are a totally android lover then thats not an issue you will be blown away with this phone. Samsung lover you will start hating samsung too with  this phone. Its the best Android phone in the market