LG G3 Review – The Perfect Android Smartphone of 2014

Every year every company wants to make a flagship phone which is beyond the perfect and set a new benchmark in the world of smartphone. Last year LG G2 was shockingly good for us, which was not expected from the company. This years flagship device is ofcourse the LG G3. We did seen the official launch and we were impress with that. The on-paper specs were amazing, the new camera technology and especially the new screen which was not seen yet in other flagship phones that what LG wanted to do.

LG G3 Build Front

LG G3 Build Front

Specification of LG G3

  • 5.5inch QHD (2K display)1440 x 2560 pixels which makes 534PPI
  • 16GB internal 2GB RAM/ 32 GB internal 3GB Ram
  • Expandable upto 128GB via MicroSD (removable Back)
  • 3000mAh battery removable
  • 13 MP, 4160 x 3120 pixels, phase detection/laser autofocus, 2.1MP Front Camera with gusture
  • Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat) out of box
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 2.5 ghz processor
  • Cost: 39,200 on flipkart

Build of LG G3

LG G3, when I watched the launch I was expecting the device to be huge because 5.5 inch screen really sounds huge on paper but I was totally wrong when I unboxed it and  that time I realised this is the same design philosophy which was used in LG G2 that is to fit 5.2 inch screen in 5 inch body, Same was done in LG G3 they fitted the 5.5 inch screen which definitely makes the bezel so small which is hardly visible and more importantly it fits in hand easily. One thing what every reviewer complained in the LG G2 was the back panel was finger print magnet well this was not in the case of LG G3, the brushed aluminium look made by a sturdy plastic which is definitely hard enough and those brushed aluminium look over the golden colour looks far more premium than all other android phones which i seen. The slimness is the other point which made the hold firm, What takes it to adjust is the buttons present at the back which will take you about 2 days to get used to it or you can even double tap. There’s one more thing you gotta be get used to due to brushed aluminium look the phone becomes more slippery at start, if you like to use phones at bare body then this thing will take time to get used to it as it takes, even it slipped many times from my hand but I managed to catch it every-time.



“They Did revamped the complete interface but that made it really close to a perfect android smartphone which competitors didn’t do as of LG does.”

There was one more thing even I didn’t liked was the UI in the LG G2, They revamp everything for LG G3 and I think LG really read those reviews and hear every customer needs, They accept and hear everyone just because they want to capture market and build better customer satisfaction and I think they also want to make a perfect phone and in such a spirit they are definately gonna achieve it. The user interface is as smooth as previous but also it looks better, clumsy. In terms of bloat ware you have the option to download it or not from the LG app world some of important ones comes pre Load. I could say the overall development of the LG UI is made completely amazing. On the main home screen the clock, the weather what’s different was the smart notification which use to give suggestion and remind us about the weather every morning , about the miss call events, about the frequents unknown numbers to save, tells us about the calendar events and remainders. The one thing which I liked the most in the LG G3 was the LG health app which was accurate and amazing at the home screen there is page like UI at top which was covered with LG health app which use to count my every single step in real time. U know LG that impressed me a lot special modes for running and cycling and all use to show the results of how many steps are taken, how many distance we travelled and how many calories are burned for the walking you can set everyday goal which is even completed is shown in smart notification. The next thing was the gestures something like when there is a incoming call just keep the phone to ear it picks up that was completely accurate for the first time I seen in phone. Even in terms of customisation there were everything what I like the most you can adjust the height of the keyboard like your choice. I had been using the device as the daily driver for about 3 weeks and it had gone through about 5 software updates out of which 3 were huge updates which really fixed all the bugs and improved the experience in the phone making it a perfect and best android phone. Do watch the Video Embedded below for software experience.

Gaming At LG G3

Some people really depend on the benchmarks of the smartphone but I think you should not completely rely on those numbers because each smartphone has its own circumstances. In case of LG G3 it does gets low benchmark score as that of its competitors just because LG G3 screen has double the pixels and the processor and GPU has twice as work to do on it, and due to it scores even less. The low score doesn’t mean your gaming experience will effect. We did tested aspahlt 8 at high settings, Modern combat every game was smooth and rendered amazingly. I could say Stop watching the benchmarks and start depending on experience, which matters the most in smartphone.

Camera on LG G3

“The camera of the LG G3 is so unique, which made to add up it to best smartphone camera I ever used and more important both the front and rear camera.”

Whenever you will use LG G3 you will use the Camera the most every-time because that’s how amazing it is both the front and back camera were made amazing by the LG. Taking from the rear camera its 13MP shooter which Focuses faster just because of Laser auto focus. The laser autofocus sends laser light to the object and reflected laser is received then the object is focused, such focus is seen in DSLR cameras, which makes focusing so fast that till the time you remove the finger from an object the object is in focus. Same is applied in the 4k video. The laser autofocus even focuses the object which is at longer distance amazingly. Well that’s was about the rear camera, if you talking something about the front camera. The front camera has the hand gestures first keep your hand in front of camera when its detected make a fist/ punch of it then the 3 seconds timer starts and the photo is clicked. After using such camera I will give almost complete score to it.

Our Video Review of LG G3

The video review covers

  • specification compared to LG G3
  • Build
  • Software
  • Gaming
  • FAQ (USB Otg, Battery Life)


“LG really works hard and does completely depend on customer review because in the LG G3 they had worked on all the disappointments of LG G2 and made LG G3 a completely perfect Android phone, I think this is next rise for the LG against all its competitors.”

Well my review says its all, The LG G3 compromises of perfect enhanced software, perfect made amazing camera. At this price point I think spending 39k approx to 45k depending the area its the best android smartphone which you could buy. Also its a future investment you could easily use it for more than 2 years, If we talk about the future updates there is no words spoken yet officially by the LG, Since its a flagship it deserves to get all the future updates. So how worth is it for cost, I think If I had to purchase a future proof android smartphone then this will be the smartphone I will be using it for definite purpose. I think the experience  which G3 created was a benchmark in the history of android for me.











Value for money



  • Amazing Screen
  • Build is awesome
  • Camera is centre of attraction
  • Health App is amazingly accurate
  • Software enhancement is good


  • No official words yet about the android L update