LG Tech Show 2014 Shows 230+ Innovative Products

Mr soon

LG showed up 230+ amazing innovative products in its second edition of annual tech show. Some of the products which were seen in tech shows were The world’s largest ULTRA HD CURVED OLED TV, the Web OS TV, G Pro 2 phablet, the 4G LTE smart phone range, India’s 1st 5 star rated refrigerator with smart inverter, Mosquito away AC,: India’s first Stainless Steel RO Water Purifier and the LG Lifeband Touch – its debutant in the wearable technology domain, caught the imagination of everyone present at the show.

Mr soon

Mr. Soon Kwon, MD, LG India, at the LG Tech Show, unveiling the LG Curve…

Some of the key Products showcased in LG tech show 2014 were:

  • World’s Largest Curved OLED TV both Ultra HD and OLED Technology.
  • The striking ULTRA HD CURVED OLED TV, boasts eye-popping visuals of ULTRA HD CINEMA 3D.
  • Web OS platform based TV
  • LG’s first wearable Tech – Lifeband touch
  • LG Sound Plate, a slim audio device that accompanies flat screen TVs, sits 39.5mm above its base, with impressive space efficiency and full-bodied audio.
  • LG G2 in gold colour varient, 4G LTE version for indian markets
  • LG’s First 5 star rate3d refrigerator with Smart Inverter
  • India’s first Stainless Steel RO Water Purifier-   The LG RO Water Purifier, with a stainless steel water tankprovides hygienic water.
  •   LG Studio premium kitchen appliance lineup including wall ovens, cooktops, microwave ovens and dishwashers.
  • New robotic vacuum cleaner, the HOM-BOT Square, programmed to clean at set times in accordance with personal preferences of the user.
  • LG Mosquito Away AC – with ultrasonic waves, this range of AC keeps mosquitoes away in a non-toxic way and also delivers fast and powerful cooling.
  • Under the B2B division, the company launched the 84 inch Ultra HD Multi-Touch Signange, suitable for interactive sessions, like classrooms or conference rooms, as it can sense 10 simultaneous touches at once.
  • The IT line-up included a 21.5 inch Chromebase AIOdesktop that runs on Google Chrome OS and features the 4th generation of Intel CPU.