Logitech X100 Bluetooth Speakers Review

Logitech, A company very famous for its computer peripherals in India. Due to the large growing demand of iOS and Android device day by day they started making devices for the them. From one of them is the Logitech X100 bluetooth Speaker which we were lucky to review one.

Logitech X100 Bluetooth speakers Top

Logitech X100 Bluetooth speakers Top

Build Of Logitech X100

Well The Round Circle almost Looks like the Talcum powder box but a real beast. It’s really small and handly at the sides and bottom the outer is made of rubber finish which gives a hard grip to hold on your hand. The Top grills of Logitech X100 had almost triangles other than the circles on the grill. The best is inside that grill was the blue indicator and red indicator. At the side there were 4 buttons Power button, Volume up, Bluetooth button, and the volume down button. When yu turn more there was the Aux Cable connector and Micro-USB for charging. The oer button should had been the same as the oter buttons because sometimes they are not visible tosome people. When you connect its really Boom at sound but at present its really impressive build at to at a very low price I didn’t expect this.


Lifestyle with Logitech X100

Well I had a old car whose deck use to play only CD’s I use to miss the functionality of Aux and Bluetooth in my car deck. I got this speakers for review and I use to use it as main speaker as the car, The Speaker sound was better than even my car dock in all cases trust me rather than upgrading the car dock which would cost almost 15-20k just get a bluetooth speaker at 3k and your car deck is almost upgraded isn’t that cool I think you should try this out or borrow from the friend who has already bought one these speakers. There was one primitive use which I thought would change is rather than keeping huge speakers in your backpack and travelling for some dance practise would be more simplified with these Logitech X100 speakers and Also a better sound. I do travel a lot almost 70 km distance is between my home and college and carrying those heavy computer speakers sometimes for my friends dance practise is really painful such speakers would eliminate the hardwork. The most important thing is these speakers are worthy enough if you are going for a trekking you would enjoy a lot with these speakers.

Logitech X100 with Android and iOS

Well these Logitech X100 speakers connects easily with both Android and iOS but there was a complete difference between them. Well in Android when you connect If you increase the speaker volume on logitech x100 it will increase but if its low on phone still it would not increase to full volume until you do it Android Phone. This case won’t happen with iOS devices When you decrease the volume on speaker it automatically decrease on the iDevice itself or vice versa. Actually that’s not the fault of speakers maybe the fault with the software parts in the OS itself. I liked the sync with the iOS device which is more impressive. Well This doesn’t affect the base, treble of the logitech x100 speakers which are pretty loud, good clarity , decent base and Full worth of value for money.


Logitech X100






Value for Money



  • Compact
  • Amazing Pricing


  • No Aux cable included