Logitech x300 bluetooth speakers review – The Loud portable speakers.

Logitech X100 Bluetooth Speaker

We did the review of Logitech x100 speakers which were great at sound and value for money. The Logitech x300 is quiet higher to that range.

Logitech X100 Bluetooth Speaker

Logitech X100 Bluetooth Speaker

Build of Logitech x300

The outer matherial is of plastic with over rubberized which adds a grip to the speakers. Logitech x300 are huge its cylindrical, long and huge surround speakers grill of triangles. Three buttons are easily visible , that is volume up, volume down and Bluetooth. The power button location was weird and hard to visible. Opposite location to power button was the aux input. Also a small blue led. The Bluetooth connecting sound would give a glimpse of what the sound is. Still being a portable speakers ot somewhat fits in pocket which did reminds me of phablet. Some portion lies outside. Overall its Logitech style build which has no bad points to it.

Sound and connectivity

More than its look what someone would notice is its sound. Well I did mention the huge triangles speakers grill. The sound of the Logitech x300 was loud and clear. I had hardly seen a portable speaker this loud. Even adds up a clarity to the sound. This loud speakers will add some more fun to any party, maybe you could call it a small potable DJ. The speakers bass was of ok quality. I didn’t like the bass much could had been better. It could be even a better car audio in your car with the phone.

In the point of connectivity and compatibility I didn’t faced any problem with any device. The only point between android and iOS was the volumes synchronization.


The pricing of these Logitech x300 is about to 6,000 which I think is pretty high. It could fall with better speakers launch by the company.

Logitech X300

Rs 5,990





Value for Money



  • Amazingly Lound
  • Sturdy Build


  • Bass is not good
  • Expensive