Make Your iPad As Useful As Your Laptop

Tablets are great if all you want to do is browse Netflix or shop on the web. But as soon as it comes to doing anything that involves productivity, they fail us. Working on a tablet isn’t exactly fun, and most tasks can take up to twice as long as on a regular laptop.

Not to worry. There are loads of accessories that can beef up your iPad and turn it from ho-hum into something that is really good for work.


Connect Your iPad To An HDTV Or Monitor


One of the first problems you’ll encounter when trying to use a tablet computer for work is the fact that there simply isn’t enough screen real estate to do everything you want to do. Despite the fact that resolutions on tablets are going up all the time, the actual utility of their screen is still limited by their small physical size. If you’re doing video editing the relies on a timeline or doing design work on Adobe, it can be a nightmare.

Fortunately, it’s also a problem that is very easily solved. All you need is a USB VGA or HDMI adaptor and then you can connect it to an external, larger screen. Some monitors use VGA, but most newer ones have moved over the HDMI.


Mount Your iPad On The Wall


If you want to use your iPad to watch movies, but don’t want to end up with “text neck” where your spine becomes deformed spending so long bent over looking at small screens, then consider getting your tablet mounted on the wall.

You don’t have to make it complicated. Just get some command hooks and attach them to the wall so that they will hold your iPad up like a painting.


Grab A Wireless Keyboard

Word processing on touchscreens has never been all that good. It’s okay for sending the odd message, but not great if you’re trying to do work for business. Before you go away on your next business trip, consider getting a wireless keyboard for your tablet computer. You can then use your tablet in much the same way as you would use your laptop, saving a lot of hassle in the process. Good iPad keyboard saves times


Use Your iPhone As A Hotspot


There’s nothing more annoying that losing WiFi signal (Reasons why Wifi Signal Drops)when you want to do work whether you’re on the train or out of the office for some other reason. Tablets completely lose their use-value whenever they are disconnected from the internet.

The good news is that there is something that you can do about it: set up your hotspot. It works a bit like this: your regular smartphone connects to the internet via the mobile phone network. Then it turns itself into a sort of router, feeding this information through to your tablet computer. Your tablet computer can then access the internet, no matter where you are so much time as you’ve got a phone signal.


To set up an iPhone as a hotspot, just go into your setting, and then into the WiFi submenu and select your phone as the WiFi network.