Manusis Technologies a helping hand to the SMBs and SMEs

Rajiv Kumar, CEO, Manusis Technologies.

Rajiv Kumar, CEO, Manusis Technologies.

There are people everyday with high SMBs (Small Medium Business’s) or SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise’s )  and when it all comes to e-commerce there’s a need to build a good and organised portal which takes lots of time and hiring a company or developer is not so affordable for a SMBs or SMEs at the start point of business. That’s actually wrong now when I actually heard about Manusis Technologies.


Manusis technologies is located in gurgaon, a Technology Packed solution provider which mainly offers web development to their clients in India and USA. Manusis technologies is known for its low cost. Its affordable yet it delivers the same quality and desired development for their clients. The company also does has a strong R & D team which is really necessary for such technologies company giving customer a more and improved service time to time.


Manusis technologies is really doing a very great job. Creating a product or service by making it affordable and at the same time delivering the same quality is what required for the small business. That actually makes small business more successful in less investment and at the same time making manusis making more services in future at same time.

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