Medidiali review – A app for Diagonstics and fitness

Medidiali App Loading Screen

Medidiali sounds a different name and you might end up getting only that app in your search results. Well to the apart from that what I found was a brilliant idea of a startup. You might have seen lots of blood test Centre or diagnosis centers around you and fitness Centres, the only point is you gotta visit and get their details and packages, what if things change over with a startup. The medidiali is an e-commerce-like app for all these diagnosis and fitness centers, where you can order multiple of these things at door steps.

Medidiali App Loading Screen

Medidiali App

Experience with Medidiali

Well, the App experience was clean UI, had to sign up for an account which is made ease with Facebook and Google+ login. It does ask for mobile verification then it proceeds. It will ask for location currently only two location are available for India that is Indore and Bengaluru, it well expand soon and come to the city near you.
The homepage itself has two categories one is the diagnosis and second are the fitness. When you add something it would definitely ask to upload your doctor prescription, as a medical app and rules that would be needed definitely for it. For selecting the address, you need to point it on Google maps and then add name and room number details. So the order proceeds and gets placed. For fitness packs, it won’t ask any doctor prescription. Payment is to be done when it reaches you on the appropriate date you select.


Overall I would say it’s a wonderful idea to come with health care and fitness area, and reaching to better clients for business. I would love to see it for more areas in India.