OnePlus 5 First Impressions – Why its the best even after Hype ?

OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5 Already has it’s global and India launch as well. Also, there are plenty of reviews from International journalist out. So let me be very clear after watching those reviews I had mixed feelings for the device. I couldn’t resist reaching for OnePlus 5  India Launch event to get hands on the device and help you take a right decision. I thank the OnePlus India Team for inviting me out. Also, hope they sent my review unit soon. So here is my overall impression of the OnePlus new flagship device. I hope they sent my review unit soon so stay […]

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HyperX Cloud Core Review – The Best Gaming Headphones ?

The Brand HyperX don’t need a different introduction. If you are a gamer, you know it. Possibly if you have followed me know it regularly. We have seen HyperX Cloud Drone Review, HyperX Furry DDR4 RAM, HyperX DDR3 Ram. So you got it they do things what gamers need the most. The HyperX Cloud Core are on the higher side but offers excellent value for money. The gaming headset is mainly optimised for perfect lows and not for ups and Bass. So It just becomes abnormal to view your standard content without the proper mid’s and high’s. This was all […]

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Jio Summer Surprise Offer Cancelled Question and Answers [ALL]

As you must be aware that the JIO Summer surprise offer is already canceled/ discontinued by JIO. So There’s a lot of buzzes some true or fake I am here to answer all the right one in the perfectly right way. Let me tell you I have the official press release from the JIo Team so I will be answered according to that. 1.Was JIO Summer Surprise offer a publicity stunt or April Fools Prank? Ans. No, It wasn’t any stunt or prank. JIO has to take the offer back because of the TRAI. TRAI forced JIO to take down […]

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Are You Ready To Develop Your Own App?

There are a great many things that can be achieved with apps, and lots of people have a lot of ideas about what to do with them. If you have ever wanted to develop an app of your own, then what better time than the present? Perhaps, like many, you are put off by the fact that it can take a lot of technical knowhow to develop software of this kind. Or maybe you don’t have that much confidence in your idea. Whatever it is that’s holding you back, it is worth looking into. App development an be an enjoyable […]

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Oakter Smart Home Kit Review – The Best Home Automation Till date ?

I had been a fan of the bright bulbs and mainly smart home appliances in together. We saw a mainly two products like the Syska Smart Bulb and Reos Lite Smart Bulb. Those were to be much limited to bulb what if you want home automation to existing home. I also tried researching out mainly the home automation requires a lot of work. Primarily working on the walls all complicated and expensive stuff. This was my type of prospectus, and It was right indeed I have seen such things in the rooms of 5-star hotels and Some good MNC do […]

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