n-gage is all about fun and privacy

Every person needs his/her own space and in today’s world where information can be received in the blink of an eye, privacy is the most wanted. When I first heard of n-gage and its features, excitement hounded me to a level that I had to download it the moment I was introduced to its features. Believe me experiencing the app myself ensured my faith in the app.

The good part of the app is its feature emphasizing privacy of the user. There is Stealth mode, which enables you to be invisible to people, even if you are online, just like a ninja. Another noteworthy feature is that you can disable a person from taking a screenshot of the conversation.


A unique feature called ‘Extract’ which is like a magic wand, which can erase message or entire chat, without physically accessing the device of the other person.

Blink’, is another option that n-gage bestows us with. With this one can set a timer on the message for up to 60 seconds, after which the message automatically disappears from the other person’s phone and there remains no trace of that message. Also, the app consists some added feature that no other app offers like ‘Scramble’ which sends a personalized message in a scrambled form and only the receiver can unscramble the message with simple taps.

The Private Area feature of the app ensured that no one, but only the user can see the messages or conversation with a particular person. Also, crazy selfies and dancing videos can be kept safe in the Private Gallery section of the app.

The fun element of the app is in its personalization option with doodle plus, n-stickers and n-cards. One can express with stickers, pictures or simply draw and share the image with the other person. You can also have different themes for different people and groups.

n-gage, the 360-degree lifestyle app is fun to engage with, however, the app developers need to work on its user interface and fixing the same will lead to more engaged users.