NNG and ANS Patnership with Blaupunkt deliver their first navigation product of the year Blaupunkt

Blaupunkt Product of the year

NNG and ANS Announces their partnership with Blackpunkt. Their partnership recently launched a GPS car navigation product, San Diego 530 is Blaupunkt India’s latest aftermarket multimedia system for OEMs on the local market, it comes equipped with a fully-featured and integrated navigation solution by NNG and ANS.

Blaupunkt Product of the year

Blaupunkt Product of the year

This joint navigation solution comes with totally up-to-date maps of India for best navigation it includes almost 1,800,00 km of roads and more than 6,700,000 POIs (Point Of Interest). The device also include some amazing features like Intelligent Quick Search, Smart History,Speed Limits and Automatic Handling of Congestged  routes, make the product even premium. It also have powerful multimedia features other than the navigation system.

In India, NNG and ANS have a very large response from automotive market and line-fit industry. By the upcomming  year 2014 NNG is aiming for 40% market share. The company’s aftermarket reached 30% which is 70% bump up. In the last 3 months, NNG and ANS have started working with four more Tier1 suppliers and car makers.

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NNG and ANS Announce Partnership with Blaupunkt and Reveal India Plans for 2014

Strategic partners NNG and ANS deliver their first navigation product of the year to Blaupunkt


27th February, 2014 – Jointly announcing several navigation products for the Indian market mid-last year, Ayana Navigation Solutions (ANS) and NNG LLC today announced their cooperation with the Indian branch of German car infotainment giant Blaupunkt.


The recently launched San Diego 530 is Blaupunkt India’s latest aftermarket multimedia system for OEMs on the local market, it comes equipped with a fully-featured and integrated navigation solution by NNG and ANS. This joint navigation solution comes with up-to-date maps of India including almost 1.800.000 km of roads and more than 6.700.000 POIs (Points of Interest). A range of features specifically localized for India, such as the Intelligent Quick Search, Smart History, Speed Limits, and automatic handling of congested routes, make this product a premium navigation offering.


Adding to the entertainment quotient, the San Diego 530 also includes an inbuilt high end multimedia video playback, powerful 4*45w sound output, unmatched connectivity for all types of portable media and a DSP tuner which provides crystal clear sound and supports weak signal processing and noise suppression, making it ideal for the Indian market.


With the help of NNG’s map update service, the program can be kept fresh over the long run as well. One free update per year is available to users for two years. Map updates, as well as additional content purchases and service subscriptions can be handled in a simple and user-friendly way through the unique online portal: www.ans.naviextras.com.

In India, NNG and ANS have received a tremendous response from the automotive aftermarket and line-fit space. The 2013 results have shown that NNG owns a 30% market share in the line-fit industry. In 2014, NNG is aiming for a 40% share. The company’s aftermarket results in India have reached 30% market share, a number which NNG plans to increase to 70% in 2014. In the last 3 months, NNG and ANS have started working with four more Tier1 suppliers and car makers.



Commenting on the company’s success in India and the association with Blaupunkt, Péter Bolesza, Vice President of Emerging Markets at NNG, said “We are overwhelmed with the response received from the Indian market and are proud to expand our relationship with Blaupunkt. Navigation solutions have become the need of the hour in India and the San Diego 530 meets consumer requirements in two ways: easy-to-use reliable navigation and an unmatched multimedia experience.”


Pankaj Jagwani, Director at Blaupunkt India said, “Our aim has always been to offer innovative in-car infotainment solutions to car makers and their customers to enhance their driving experience. NNG and ANS are an excellent choice for providing advanced and steadfast navigation solutions, due to their global experience and deep understanding of the Indian road system. ”


To know more about the success story of NNG in the automotive industry, you can log onto: http://www.nng.com/who-we-are/about-the-company/about-the-company



NNG is the leading navigation solution provider for the Automotive, Personal and Wireless navigation markets, offering on-board 3D navigation applications that incorporate connected features and a universal online update portal. The core technology is based on the standard-setting iGO Navigation Engine, comprising of innovative navigation software, fluid User Interfaces and related content and services to device manufacturers, auto makers, network operators, professional transport specialists and individual users globally.


iGO Navigation software is currently installed in more than 20 million devices throughout the world. Based on supplier agreements with 16 Tier1s delivering to over 30 car brands, NNG intends to ship another 30 million licenses in the coming years. NNG continues to develop global markets for navigation solutions through 8 company branches, including Hungary, Israel, Switzerland, India, Australia, China, and the United States (2x).


To find out more about NNG please visit www.nng.com. For more information about iGO Navigation products, visit www.igonavigation.com.


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About ANS

Ayana Navigation Solutions (ANS) is a company established in 2011, located in India, developing and offering complete navigation solutions and car multimedia systems. It provides highly customized, localized solutions for numerous regions including India, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Russia & CIS, and North America.

ANS is focused on key segments of the navigation market, most notably personal navigation devices, automotive solutions, smartphones, tablets and enterprise solutions.

The company’s primary focus is providing complete solutions to its partners and customers, including navigation devices and software, map updates and several online services. The software solution is based on the iGO Navigation Engine developed by NNG, supports several OS platforms (including Android), and has a wide and continuously expanding selection of integrated navigational features.

To find out more about ANS please visit www.ansdevices.com or follow us on http://facebook.com/ansnavigator or http://twitter.com/ansnavigator.


About Blaupunkt

Blaupunkt (meaning “blue point” in German) is recognized as a symbol of German quality and innovation since 1928. It is one of the world’s leading car infotainment brands and has shaped the in-car entertainment industry for 90 years. Blaupunkt has a history of innovation and firsts – from the first car radio in 1932 to the first radio with FM, first digital radio, first radio with video navigation, first RDS radio, first drive-less radio, to more recently the world’s first internet radio in 2009.

Blaupunkt is today, an infotainment partner of choice to the world’s leading passenger car OEs including VW, Audi, Bentley, GM, Proton, Hyundai, Kia, Tata, Mahindra as well as a number of commercial vehicle providers including Fuso, Isuzu, Fendt, Lada, Claas CAT etc.