Nokia Lumia 1520 – Revisited review

Nokia Lumia 1520

Its 2015, and somewhere in 2014 it was the last phablet announced by nokia the Nokia Lumia 1520 as later it was acquired by Microsoft. I still was curoius how nokia did with phablet as it was the last phablet phone and one came with snapdragon 800 quad core processor. It was the first quad-core processor of nokia which I seen.

Nokia Lumia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520 front

Build of Lumia 1520

All Nokia phones were always best at build, no exception to this phone. Nokia Lumia 1520 is the largest of all, easily noticable phone of nokia. The unibody polycarbonate contruction avialable in various colours like white, yellow, black make it completely stand out. It does accept nano-sim unlike all the other flagship phones avialable in the market.I can still guarantee nothing can compete as amazing build of nokia still today which is also fancy. Amazing pair of headphones which also delivers amazing sound quality

Software and Performance of Lumia 1520

When it all comes to software It came with Windows phone 8 , The update for Windows phone 8.1 was available and in future its the phone which will definitely get Windows 10 update as confirmed by Microsoft. The operating system is same across all the device and quiet more enhanced to these devices with 1080p display to take more advantage of the display. Also there’s complete different SDK API for the phone with these type of 1080p displays. That really impressed me and More important windows phones are never seen to lag with its tiled interface. There’s a down-point there are not many apps avaialble as that of iOS AppStore or Google PlayStore but All the basic required messaging and social network or photo editors are available. The games which high intensive graphics are less not as other competitors. Even the phone doesn’t support USB OTG as the android phones does as its an important feature that matters the most for some users. Amazing software enhancements for email, social networking and many things. This really never gets slow even when tons of apps gets install on the phone. So I really have always mixed feeling with the windows operating system


This part of the section had not been disappointing at any budget segments of Lumia. The 1520 has a purporated back centered camera of 20 Mega-pixel which is definitely amazing shooter at Day but even good at low light condition while capturing amazing and perfect coloured images. I was even impressed by its front selfie camera which captures more light which is amazing at low light conditions.


When a phone is huge there’s larger battery and 1520 will not disappoint you even in this segment at high use of 3G it lasted me for the day. Without 3G over Wifi one and half day or more than that is enough. Its amazing screen really saves battery too and amazing at watching videos.

Final Verdict

Even after phone has been completed a year, I still think its not yet outdated and more importantly its going to still get update of Windows 10 that makes you more elegant to invest in such type of device. Also which is the last phablet of Nokia branding which could worth more. I would say its all your choice wheather to invest or not on windows device because this device is with one of the best hardware in Windows phone line-up too.


Nokia Lumia 1520

37500 Rs. (Approx)







Value for Money



  • Amazing 1080p Display
  • Amazing Camera
  • Awesome Build Quality
  • Upgradable to Windows 10


  • To Huge phone
  • Windows Store needs more improvement