Nokia Prices OZO its impressive camera at 60,000$

Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera

A Virtual reality camera with 8 Camera and 8 Microphone Setup

Virtual reality has been evolving day by day, We seen Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard , OnePlus Cardboard, Samsung VR headset, HTC Value headset lot more. These are Virtual reality experiencing products, we also seen YouTube 360 and even Facebook supporting 360 degree videos but not the content maker for the whole virtual reality experience.

Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera

Nokia OZO Virtual Reality Camera

What is Nokia OZO ?

Nokia OZO is a virtual reality, spherical field view camera. It has 8 camera and 8 Microphones. It can capture 360 degree video also with 360 x 360 surround sound to get the most best experience to the virtual reality captured video. It also offers wireless operation and Live Broadcasting , Live monitoring for the price you pay. Also it has a battery which lasts for 45 minutes for video that’s pretty good at initial stage of the technology.

So 60,000$ for a spherical field view camera is quiet high but some competitors price it even high for the same setup. You have an GoPro alternative called GoPro’s Odyssey which costs around 15,000$, Again GoPro’s Odyssey is a huge setup of GoPro’s with single microphone. The design philosophy won’t match to Nokia’s Ozo setup. Nokia Smartphones had been really great at design OZO at such a high price point is not an optional in that case either. One of the best design you could get in spherical field view camera.

Also both Nokia and Gopro has their own 360 video editing app respectively for each operating system.