Nvidia GTX 1070 Review – The Best Pascal series card After GTX 1080

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder's Edition

Nvidia is truly one of the best graphics card maker industry around the globe. No doubt they are always praised. Nvidia has its legacy to make better graphics card each year, and they never disappoint the gamers. Last year I did the review of the Nvidia GTX 960. This time, it’s the review of GTX 1070 Founders Edition review. The successor of the last years’s amazing GTX 970.

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder's Edition

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition

Specs of GTX 1070

  • Pascal GPU Architecture
  • 8GB GDDR5 Frame Buffer
  • 8 Gbps Clock speed
  • 1683 MHz Clock Speed
  • 1920 Cuda Core
  • 6.45 TeraFlops/s single precision floating point performance
  • 150W TDP 8 Pin Power Connector

Nvidia GPU-Z spec

Dimension of the GTX 1070

  • Height – 4.376″
  • Length -10.5.”
  • Width – 2-Slot
Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder's Edition

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition Lighting

Test Rig Config

  • Intel Core i7 6700 Processor
  • RipJaw Gskill 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard
  • Corsair VS650 650W PSU
  • LG 1080p Display Monitor


Build of Nvidia GTX 1070 Founders Edition

The Nvidia had just given the best unboxing experience with GTX 1070 a premium based card. The Box and everything made it completely awesome for the experience. The soft cushion made the graphics card fit perfectly inside the box.

Leaving the box aside, coming to the exact graphics card. It is long enough and easy to fit in Mid-Tower Case. It isn’t for small towers at least looking at the length of the card. 10.5″ Length is huge for a case. When you see the graphics card in reality, you will love the all new design. Just looking perfect I fall in love with the card.

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder's Edition

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition

The Rectangular design with uneven triangles defines the Cuda core power. Since it is the founder’s edition, it had only one single Fan. The Vertically Embedded GTX 1070 is dark. The exact mid with black area with white lines, overhaul the Batman appearance. The upper is built amazingly like its bigger brother GTX 1080. It was heavy but who wants to carry it. It’s heavy at weight as well as it’s a big performer as well. We will talk about it in a min. The favourite part the Graphics card had a back-plate. With huge black Lining at the rears and Nvidia Logo in the mid of the four screws. That logo represents The Nvidia Cuda Core GPU processor. The Heart of the Graphics Processing Unit.

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder's Edition

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition Back Plate

Talking of the Ports area, it had 1x DVI Port, 1x HDMI 2.0 Port and 3x Display Port. It did take space of the two slots. That’s how thick it is. I Know even if you are reading these things won’t care. The only part is if you small case then mid tower then do the math and size guide before buying. It’s even huge in length than the GTX 960 for sure. Even then the 980Ti.

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder's Edition Display Ports (1x DVI , 1x HDMI, 2x Display Port)

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition Display Ports (1x DVI, 1x HDMI, 2x Display Port)

Don’t forget the Top SLI connector and In Night Lighting which is seriously impressive. If you are CPU case with Window, then you will love to see Nvidia GeForce Green logo like in the Bottom.

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder's Edition

Nvidia GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition at night outside case

Display Connectivity

The important thing as you might have Multi-display monitor setup so how well is it for that. The Nvidia Pascal generation GPU will get nice upgrades regarding Monitor Connectivity. The days of the Full HD are way better today, but this has a support of the Ultra 4k. It even supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) Display. You could connect one 4K(2160p) monitor which is four times 4k. If you are planning for two 4K monitors, then SLI is the best option. Display port is of DP 1.4 which provides 8.1 Gbps of bandwidth per lane. It also offers better colours with Display Stream Compression. If you have a G-sync monitor then shoot awesome games this card won’t disappoint you in that as well. As it capable of handling 4K up to 120hz.

Performance of the GTX 1070 Founders Edition

Should I speak of this? I think whatever I told about the graphics card was enough. The performance is a new benchmark to existing and competitors. I would say do all possible windows update with latest graphics driver to get the most of the card. The DirectX 12 will play the major role so make sure you get that update as well. Without DirectX12 the games may have locked FPS or bottleneck like system.

If you are facing performance issues with GTX 1070 or You, feel performance is not like this review Then Do the following things.

  • Update the graphics driver to latest version.
  • Make sure DirectX 12 is installed in your system via Windows updates.
  • Also, it could be a particular game so make sure you are using updated version.

So talking with the first Performance score benchmark we will start with 3DMark 11. Which gave me a rough score of 15036 and sometimes 16000 as well. If you see clearly, it’s below 4K score and just before I said the card is capable of 4K. So what’s the score?


The score is less because of I was testing it on the Seagate 2TB 5400 RPM hard disk. For the best performance, there should be SSD. I did order the SSD but due to some seller issues my shipping was delayed, and my term of reviewing this card was expired. So the system bottleneck with 5400RPM hard disk. So that’s a Tip for 4K gaming if you want the best 4K performance SSD are the key points. Of course, I could have overclocked it and made the score closer to 18481 but not more than that. Either go with 10,000 rpm hard disk or SSD.


So the first game which I want to talk about is Grand Theft Auto V. The best game to try out and most fun play. Most of you would play this game. Also, it’s an excellent benchmark game. The GTA V’s inbuilt benchmark gave about Average FPS of 90. So about settings I use GeForce Experience software to optimise the game for best settings. At the start, even the GTX 970 faced some issue of settings so somehow I used the GeForce Experience.
I got up to 80-85 FPS at the ultra settings. The GeForce experience kept it to ultra still it was a smooth performance. Yes also I faced some issue due to the 5400 RPM hard disk still it was an experience to my surprise. You can look at some of the screenshot below for the look. The Game is capable of going even better at up to 150 FPS of average with Good response speed.

GTX 1070 Founders Edition GTA V gameplay

GTX 1070 Founders Edition GTA V gameplay

GTX 1070 Founders Edition GTA V gameplay

GTX 1070 Founders Edition GTA V gameplay

The next game which I tested was the Counter Strike: Global Offense. Other than overwatch this will the game played by all time FPS game lovers. This game surprised me with the benchmark. It peaked to almost 200 FPS which is more than enough to play this game. Again all the games were Geforce Experience optimised so you don’t need to worry about the right settings. Even I put the CSGO settings to max as possible still the gameplay was awesomely smooth.

GTX 1070 Founders Edition CS Go Gameplay

GTX 1070 Founders Edition CS Go Gameplay

GTX 1070 Founders Edition CS Go Gameplay

GTX 1070 Founders Edition CS Go Gameplay

Third Game which I put into was the Left 4 Dead 2 It was the game already installed with me. So I did put to the test and that time I came to know about the bottleneck issue and the DirectX compatibility issue. As the gameplay is locked at 60FPS. It didn’t stutter.   I didn’t test it again as it too old for it.

GTX 1070 Founders Edition

GTX 1070 Founders Edition

Fourth Game was the Rise of Tomb Raider. The game was awesome 90 FPS at an average was impressive gameplay that I forgot to take the screenshots as well. Yes, the game is awesome to be tested out. The game will never disappoint you in that scenario.

Then I Used Photoshop CC and Premiere Pro CC for the test, and I found the performance over there was also well improved. The 8GB DDR5 and Pascal architecture took all possible things. Also, Adobe updates make it better. The Photoshop editing over layers was much better than the Previous 970. There’s a better result with Core i7 6700. Even Premiere pro-export time was just a min for the 4K file which outstanding. Indeed it isn’t as its bigger brother GTX 1080, but it was somehow Close to it. Even Titan XP is way better at the same time it costs way better.


Is the GTX 1070 Performance Worth the Price

So this has totally depended on the type of the Rig you install this. Invest the best SSD m2.0 one The performance is yours. The card is even better than my expectation to thought. I put Lot many games even Like Dota 2, Rocket League Which generated a good lead as well. It’s capable for most games and even upcoming title. Also, future claims would have no issues. The Pascal architecture is just awesome.


The price of the GTX 1070 Founders edition is Rs. 40800/- for that price it’s a valuable option. I know expensive from the Indian point of view and even not so good pricing compared to Other countries. Also at the Same time, it’s much power efficient than the Then the last generation GTX 970. I didn’t covered about temperatures level because my setup was on open case. So I coudn’t take the right temperature level. Overall We are totally impressed with the GTX 1070.


Nvidia GTX 1070






Value for money



  • The Best Performer at price
  • SLI
  • Cool at temperature