Oakter Smart Home Kit Review – The Best Home Automation Till date ?

Oakter SMART HomeKit

I had been a fan of the bright bulbs and mainly smart home appliances in together. We saw a mainly two products like the Syska Smart Bulb and Reos Lite Smart Bulb. Those were to be much limited to bulb what if you want home automation to existing home. I also tried researching out mainly the home automation requires a lot of work. Primarily working on the walls all complicated and expensive stuff. This was my type of prospectus, and It was right indeed I have seen such things in the rooms of 5-star hotels and Some good MNC do these stuff. Then Oakter Reach us with their IOT Product.

Oakter SMART HomeKit

Oakter SMART HomeKit

What is Oakter Smart Home Kit?

The smart home kit lets you control you existing home appliance via smartphone. That makes it much flexible, cool as well as advance. This totally stands out, and more importantly, you will save energy which is overused sometime in the day to day life. I will tell you and discuss this thing in detail.

Box Content

  • Two 6 AMP Leaf
  • 16 AMP Leaf
  • 25 AMP Leaf
  • Touch Leaf
  • Hub
  • Some paper for starter guide

Installing and Build

The installation process is much simple that anyone can do it. The only thing is quiet advance is the setting up the app. The oakter app is available on Android and iOS. That App is where all the magic happens. The all central part goes in traditional Indian board. Except the 25 AMP leaf is to be installed from the back side. It requires all the Live, Neutral wire. So there is where you might need an electrician help. If you know all those things, then it’s easy too.

The App is to be set up; the paperwork has initial setup login after to that you can register and login via your personal email and password. The connection part goes in the following way:

APP=> WiFi => HUB => Leaf

Right from the App, The things are to be connected over to same WiFi. Especially the HUB and Leaf. So the Commands from the APP are sent the following above mentioned flow diagram. I got these things after experimenting with the things. So you might say that’s a long process and it will take time. So to your information, The When you give command OFF/ON it just happens within or less than 2 Seconds. About installation thinking it as an  IOT product I will give it 10/10. An IOT installation for Indians can never be as easy as what Oakter provides. Anyone without a single guide and do it easily

APP experience

I told you I did some issue in log-in, The login screen has a Whatsapp Support. I think this should be done and implemented by all startup as almost all people use Whatsapp in India. Also, the Oakter Whatsapp Support team Guided me very well over the doubts. So Kudos to the Oakter at being excellent at that part. I didn’t expect it as good as I thought, but every small thing they look into makes it a exquisite experience.

The downside of the app, The issue with the app is the notification. Each of the tasks performed and completed/ failed always bombarded my notification. Sometimes I ended up with more than 35 notification, and those aren’t grouped sometimes. I was using the Redmi Note four initially. It isn’t a big problem but sometimes with the Oakter’s App notification you might end up clearing your personal/Important notification because of it.

The iOS App was also pretty good; It did it task well. If you are the one iPad user, then the App isn’t yet made for the iPad. You have to use the iPhone version on the iPad. No issues still it performs well.

The good part of it is that you can only keep one device active login at one time depends on the users you add. Particular for one user can log in to Oakter app with only one device.

The main advantage of the app is you could schedule the amount of the time the particular leaf should be turned on. So maybe you charge your mobile at night so could you could fixed period. Same with the AC you can control it the time with the 16 AMP leaf. Things become much better with the use of IOT items, and I am totally rating Oakter as an awesome product.

Touch Leaf

So if you don’t have an app or some of your old family member wants to control things. Teaching an App can be combustion task, so there comes touch leaf. It’s like a traditional box which works perfectly. It has the button corresponding the device. The only issue with the leaf is you can’t schedule time inside it like what the app does.

Oakter Touch Leaf

Oakter Touch Leaf

So here in the above image, you can see it. More importantly, it syncs with the app at the same time as it is automatically connected to the hub. The communication between everything is done efficiently in the whole system.

25 AMP Leaf

I am talking about this especially if you don’t know or not good at electrician part don’t proceed. This requires a good electrician because we have to use. The diagram shows things correctly. It is total to be installed behind the switchboard. It has the switch cable, lives in, neutral, and load. Another end of the two wires from the neutral and load goes to the bulb.

Oakter 25 AMP Leaf Instruction

Oakter 25 AMP Leaf Instruction

Here’s the diagram which is to be used for betterment. This 25 AMP leaf mainly helps you to use the bulb or tube light with the support of the App. That’s a good addition and also helpful addition.

What Oakter should add in future ?

So this is only my prospectus and if possible these are the things which will make oakter eco-system much better.

  • Voice Commands over Google Now/Assistant in Android and Siri in iOS.
    Not a important feature but this will come in handy. As user don’t need to always open the app. Also hands free experience will be awesome.
  • iOS Home Kit
    Apple is also pushing the IOT in front head and they want things of IOT to be just in single app and this will be handy as user will depend on one app for all appliances.

The things which I mentioned are surely not used much by Indians. As the technology go ahead and become much accurate users will definitely use it.


This post could help us know more about smart home technologies and how it helps our home automation. The IOT is definitely the future and oakter is pushing out really well in the race. I don’t think they really have a competitor to compete. Yet their eco-system is expandable and flexible as per the budget and requirement of the user. More importantly they have really good whatsapp support as well to team up.

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