Windows 8 Now has More Than 100000 Apps

Well recently Microsoft Just Announce Windows 8.1  in the build 2013 and now it windows store which automaticallys update the apps without showing the notification in windows 8.1 and it has a all new look comparitively to windows 8 so users and devlopers get more and more downloads has now over 100000 Apps which is really good for the microsoft as to be in a good place in the market as now smaller screen windows 8 rt 7 inch tablet will be launching as shown by steve ballmer, the ceo of microsoft. so people if buy those will have more source […]

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Rolocule An Indian Company Turns iPhone and TV into Wii Style Gaming

Rolocule one of the new company just roled out with their Game for an iPhone. Well the main aim of the company is to make users to game over TV as the relation between the TV for games becoming lesser due to lot of games over smatphone and tablets. Rolocule uses a technology called rolomotion which uses  Gyroscope, Magnetometer and Accelerometer which means almost all the sensors from the iPhone Rohit Gupta the Founder and CEO talks abt in the video which is at the bottom about the rolocule games and he does mention you will be playing tennis, badminton […]

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All the things about you need to know about windows 8.1

It had been a rumours called windows blue until Microsoft official mentioned the tittle windows 8.1 and its all about a stable update to the last released operating system windows 8 and its a free update to all who owns windows 8. The key thing what Microsoft has done in the 8.1 update is to removing the major disadvantages both at windows 8 RT and pro versions of windows windows 8.1 start menu screenshot More Personalisation and Customisation Well the very first thing to be noticed from the above screenshot is you can adjust the tiles in windows 8.1 just […]

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