An Interview with the Founder of Empower labs and the game Delta T

Delta T

Early we featured a brilliant game based on AR just like the pokemon go called Delta T. We got a chance to interact with the CEO and founder, Mr Krishna Milan Rao. It was totally about this company and overall struggle. Delta T is available for Google PlayStore currently. Here is his overall Interaction. How educated is the existing market, especially in a developing country like India? The market for Augmented Reality games is huge worldwide. Especially, after the launch of hits such as Pokemon GO we’ve seen a lot of interest in AR gaming from Indian audiences. There are […]

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GoPro Hero

GoPro needs no new Introduction, The action camera which pushes forth a whole new industry. I am keen that they came and thought to do something at the entry level price point and not just focusing on the flagship product. It’s named as GoPro Hero Sports and Action camera on Flipkart. No new name and it just exactly looks like the Hero 5 and Hero 6 flagship ones.   What does it pack Inside? HD Video (1440p60 and 1080p60) and 10MP Sensor for Good photo performance 2 Inch Display as others Voice Controls Waterproof and Rugged Build Video Stabilization as […]

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Infinix Quiet 2 Noise cancelling headphones review

Infinix Quiet 2

Infinix mobiles entered the Indian market last year, and I have received the pair of headphones from Infinix to review which are entirely different to the pair of the headphones you own. They are called Infinix Quiet 2, and they are the only headphones under budget which have dedicated noise-cancelling. Yes, the noise cancelling makes it different from the others, and I will share to how much over this review. I do have reviewed and used multiple headphones from Sony, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Mi, OnePlus, Boat, and Skullcandy ones. Inbox content of Infinix Quiet 2 – The Headphones itself 2 […]

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Empower Labs to Launch time travel based mobile AR game ‘Delta T’ in March 2018

The world VR and AR are already booming, and a lot of developers are trying to develop something as it’s the most viable future technology. No needs an introduction to Pokemon Go which took the world by storm about the AR games. Similar is the Empower labs. The battle for our future will be fought in our days; this is what Augmented Reality game developer Empower Labs would have us believe. The AR gaming startup based out of Hyderabad is challenging the monopoly of Niantic in the mobile AR genre with its location-based mobile AR game ‘Delta T’. Location-based as […]

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SoundBot SB572 HD Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review – The Best Bluetooth Speaker in Budget

SoundBot SB572

There is a smartphone industry innovation which always pushes forth the other technology and the accessories for it. One such product is the Bluetooth speakers. There are a lot of brands has been into this category from the affordable to a most premium brand like Bose also makes a portable speaker. I do love the Logitech and The Xiaomi Bluetooth speakers, Also the people choice is the JBL. After to it, SoundBot came to us to review their latest product SoundBot SB572, and It somehow shook my list of the portable Bluetooth speaker which are always recommended by me. It’s […]

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