Why you should be buy OnePlus 5 ?

The OnePlus 5 is set to launch on October​ 22nd. Yet earlier to that almost everything is revealed. Its no surprise that same happened with the OnePlus 3 before launch. This time OnePlus itself leaked the design on the National Television during the India VS pakistan ICC Champions trophy final game. Now I can give you key reason why you should. Dual camera system It’s no surprise that almost every company wants to adopt dual camera system after what Apple did with its iPhone 7 and 7 plus. No doubt the OnePlus 5 was also rumoured and indeed it has. […]

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Five Apps for the Under Eight Set

Elmo Loves 123s

Kids love playing with iPhones and iPads, and parents often find themselves anxious about how much screentime their young children are getting every day. Fun, educational apps can make the time kids spend playing with devices more beneficial. These are some of the best Apple apps for children under the age of eight. They’re fun and provide a great opportunity to teach essential skills.   Elmo Loves 123s: This super simple math game features Elmo from Sesame Street. Geared towards younger kids, this app teaches simle addition and subtraction as well as number identification, all with the help of lovable […]

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Busting the Myth -Home automation needs to be planned and implemented at construction stage

It was the sweltering summer of 2013. My friends and I decided to traverse around the city of NCR. We conducted a survey amongst home automation customers to understand their lifestyle. The deductions were surprising.   We discovered that a home automation user needed to be brave. They need to be brave on at least one of the two fronts. Either be brave to adjust their lifestyle according to the product installed in their homes or brave enough to follow up with their expensive vendor to adjust the product according to their likings. A large number from our survey sample […]

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Asus UX360UA review – The Ultimate Laptop for normal user

Asus has been one of my favourites when it comes to the performance and high-end laptops. I am a high-end user who has to use photo-editing, video editing and the even game sometimes. Well, that is what just me and not possibly you one who is reading. Not everyone is same, and everyone uses their computer for same reasons. That’s where consumer grade laptops come in. I am especially talking of the Asus UX 360UA which is a consumer level high-end convertible. What is convertible? To make the word simple, convertible mean a combination a tablet and laptop. You could switch […]

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Everything you need to know about Google I/O 2017

Google I/O 2016

Google I/O keynote just ended yet the few dedicated sessions for the developers are running. The main update of the Google product is always been headed first each year started by Sundar Pichai. The main Aim of upcoming Android or all the Google products is always been innovative. Each year there isn’t we could guess what new could come for the Android. The Main Smartphone operating system which possibly no one thought 10 years back would reach such a great level. That’s all the Hard work of the Google Engineers. It’s also the benchmark for the upcoming android devices and not […]

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