What to do if you have already recharged Rs 149 in Jio SIM ?


There are a lot of news out there about the JIO extended period, and hardly few will answer your questions. If you have any question feel free and reach me out on any social media search Absolute Gizmos and I will be there to help you. On Twitter use the #AbsoluteGizmos or #AG or #TechQnA.   So let’s come to the point what to do if you already did or planning to do Rs 149 recharge.   In the conference, Ambani explicitly mentioned about a min of 303 Rs recharge or above it with the prime subscription. So if you […]

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Playing Your Cards Right: Getting Games On Android

Smartphones are in the pockets of most people, nowadays. The devices we carry are incredibly powerful, compared to computers just ten years ago. And, most people massively under-utilize their tech. Altogether, this is a great shame; as most phone owners aren’t using their devices to anywhere near their full potential. And, one of the greatest things you can do on a phone is play games. These devices have opened the doors for developers to make games that work and run beautifully on mobiles. And, this post will be going through some ways that you can make sure you’re making the […]

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Are You Ready To Develop Your Own App?

There are a great many things that can be achieved with apps, and lots of people have a lot of ideas about what to do with them. If you have ever wanted to develop an app of your own, then what better time than the present? Perhaps, like many, you are put off by the fact that it can take a lot of technical knowhow to develop software of this kind. Or maybe you don’t have that much confidence in your idea. Whatever it is that’s holding you back, it is worth looking into. App development an be an enjoyable […]

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Oakter Smart Home Kit Review – The Best Home Automation Till date ?

Oakter SMART HomeKit

I had been a fan of the bright bulbs and mainly smart home appliances in together. We saw a mainly two products like the Syska Smart Bulb and Reos Lite Smart Bulb. Those were to be much limited to bulb what if you want home automation to existing home. I also tried researching out mainly the home automation requires a lot of work. Primarily working on the walls all complicated and expensive stuff. This was my type of prospectus, and It was right indeed I have seen such things in the rooms of 5-star hotels and Some good MNC do […]

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Surviving the Night with Video Games

Ever wanted to just leave the world behind, forget your day to day tasks, if only for a few hours, and go somewhere else where the rules of the real world no longer apply? Luckily you’re living in 2017, where something like that is easily possible by simply turning off the lights and booting up your favourite video game. The popularity of video games, be it on the PC, gaming consoles or even smartphones, has skyrocketed over the past few years as more and more people chose to play them.     What should I play?   There is an […]

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