How 3D Printers Make 3D Objects ?

3D Printer

                                      The 3D printing technology refers to the process of making three-dimensional object using a machine such as 3D printer or 3Doodler. The 3D printing techniques is also known as Additive Manufacturing. It all started in 1980s when researchers and engineers are figuring out ways to make rapid prototyping more efficient.                                               Now, there are mainly three different techniques used […]

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Things to consider before buying a TV

TV technology has made exemplary advances in the last decade which has resulted in a ridiculously wide range of options to choose from. 4K, HDR, Full HD, Smart TVs, LED, OLED – the list is eternal! Watching television is simply a task that requires you to lean back and sip on some Iced Tea while catching up on your favourite sitcoms, but the menace behind choosing a TV is a hellishly, energy—draining task. This perplexity and TV jargon could often cloud our decision and drive us to merely settle for a mediocre TV. We’ve played savior here and compiled a […]

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How to Bounce Back After a Failed Product Launch

Working hard and anticipating success doesn’t always mean we are going to achieve it. Unfortunately, many technology entrepreneurs have burned the candle at both ends and fired up their midnight oil, just to see their new product fail tremendously – it’s a part of life.   You can find comfort in the fact that many of the largest companies out there have unleashed product after product just to have them thrown back at them; think about Coca Cola’s disaster with New Coke back in the 80’s, for example.     Here is how you can pick yourself up again and […]

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3 Free PDF Readers That Give Tough Competition To Adobe Reader

PDF Foxit

Adobe Acrobat Reader may be one of the most popular PDF readers in the world, but it is gradually losing its touch with new and better PDF readers hitting the market.   There are some downsides to using Adobe Reader. It takes a lot of memory and may slow down your device. Plus, it is said to lack some features as well that new and better PDF readers have to offer.   These PDF readers can do most of the work that Adobe reader can but in a much better and faster way. Today we are going to look at […]

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Building A Budget Media Box

Most people have a friend with all the expensive entertainment gadgets under the sun, with smart TVs, streaming devices, and loads of other techy products which are the cause of a lot of envy. This sort of setup can often look incredibly futuristic, making watching TV look even easier than it already is. But, there’s no need to spend a fortune to get this sort of tech into your home. Instead, you just need to find the perfect alternative; a regular computer. To help you out with this, this post will be going through a basic guide to help you […]

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