Paytm Insider introduces interactive streaming to its creator tools

New set of features aimed at enhancing audience experience at digital events In its latest update to its self-publish ticketing solution, Paytm Insider now provides video streaming capabilities with interactivity for a feature-rich solution for events. Organisers can create, ticket, and host events and control engagements during the event from the same self-publish creator tool in use for listing events by thousands of creators and artists across the country. Events on interactive streaming come with live chat, emoji reactions and various engagement options during the event such as Q&A questions, polls and fill in the blanks. Additionally, a scoring system […]

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Work Station by day & Gaming Station by night!

Just in just a matter of a few months’ life has taken a complete turn-around for billions around the world. The ongoing pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have completely changed the way we pursue our professions and entertain ourselves. The corner-office is now home based, and technology is now more focused on making life easier by increasingly customising products that will make it easier to work from home. Businesses and other private offices have been forced to find a new way to work efficiently so that the work does not come to a grinding halt. At the same time being […]

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HyperX Expands HyperX Stinger Headset Lineup with Two New Gaming Headsets in India

HyperX, the gaming division of Kingston Technology Company, today announced the release of two new headsets in HyperX Cloud Stinger family, HyperX Cloud StingerTM Core + 7.1 and HyperX Cloud StingerTM Core Wireless + 7.1 Gaming Headset. Both new Cloud Stinger Core headsets now feature 7.1 virtual surround sound1 via NGENUITY software. “HyperX is excited to expand it’s Cloud Stinger gaming headset family with two new 7.1 surround sound headsets for gamers looking for an economic headset,” said HyperX. “With students, parents and gamers working and playing at home more than ever, HyperX has expanded the Stinger product line to offer more affordable […]

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How Samsung Tab S6 lite isn’t good compared to iPad? And not as per the good tech reviewers Opinion

Samsung tab S6 Lite

I’m pretty sure you would have seen lot of videos regarding the Samsung tab S6 Lite. I won’t discuss what are the specs and specs comparison to the iPad. I’ll be pretty straight forward about the right things. About myself I am a tech reviewer and journalist who has used the iPads and android tablets for the longest. My first iPad was the iPad 2, Later then I had iPad Air and iPad Pro. In Android side, I had Nexus 7 (1st and 2nd gen) and Galaxy note 10.1. I have no reason to harm anyone, Also not the tech […]

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How Bluetooth Technology Has Evolved over the Years ?

Women wearing Bluetooth Headset

The technological advancements in Bluetooth technology are phenomenal. It has rapidly evolved over the last few years and it is amazing to see how a small wireless technology has become a component of most of our devices- mobile phones, laptop, speaker, headphones, bluetooth keyboards for iPad Pro and even our watches. Bluetooth is a wireless short-range communication technology that was developed to replace the cables. The story of the invention of Bluetooth goes back to 1989 when Nils Ryderback, Chief Technological Officer (CTO) at Ericsson Mobile in Sweden, together with a physician Johan Ullman, hired two engineers Jaap Haartsen and […]

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