Asus ZenFone Selfie Pro Review – Brilliant Selfie Phone

Asus ZenFone series requires no new introductions though, We have reviewed most of them, and I would say each year they make drastic improvements to the device as per the feedback. This year they came with new selfie line up, and they aren’t wrong though in this. Today we will be looking deep into their Zenfone Selfie pro most premium device of the selfie line-up. In-Box Content of Asus Zenfone Selfie Pro – The device itself – Charger brick – Micro-USB to USB cable – Headphones – Sim ejector – Paperwork Specification of the Asus Zenfone Selfie Pro – 5.5-inch […]

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CES 2018: News & Questions About VR

HTC Vive Pro

CES 2018 has now come and gone, and with it a whole new wave of discussion about virtual and augmented reality. It seems that this will be another year full of interesting developments in this ever-expanding tech sector. So let’s get right to it! Here are some of the biggest pieces of news from CES, as well as some of the unanswered questions following the event. NEWS Alexa Has Smart Glasses – One of the most interesting things to emerge in VR/AR at CES 2018 was certainly the partnership between Vuzix and Amazon’s Alexa. While Vuzix smart glasses have been […]

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Astrum HT600 On The Ear Wireless Headphones Review – The Best in it’s Own type

Astrum HT600

There are a lot of headphones, and especially the wireless headphones are made by each consumer electronics maker company is focused these days. There are a lot of brands review you must be seeking, but this is different. If you aren’t aware of the Astrum brand, It’s a hong kong based brand which has an aim to enable people to get worldwide access to new technologies in the field of consumer electronics. It’s there own single Astrum HT600 review. In-Box Content of Astrum HT600  The headset itself  Hard case to carry headphones  Soft case to carry headphones  Charging cable  3.5mm […]

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5 Most Powerful Gaming Systems Currently Available in The Market

If you’re a gaming enthusiast you’d most probably be aware of the top brands that sell popular gaming systems like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Consoles from these manufacturers engrain and inspire gamers due to the creative cornucopia of games that they have to offer and their amazing functionality. Here’s a list of the top 5 gaming systems or consoles that are available in the market. Microsoft Xbox One S Microsoft is famous in the gaming arena for its awe-inspiring Xbox, and the recent video game console from the brand works great for uplifting the brand’s value with its high-performance specifications. […]

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GoQii Introduces Family Plan Rewards programs, Games4Good and Health Store


Goquii Introduced GOQii health 3.0 ecosystem. As part of the new services offerings, GOQii is introducing Smart Preventive Health Care plans and a modern fitness tracker. GOQii health 3.0 consists of a suite of new offerings that will be available to all existing GOQii users at the beginning of 2018. These services will be available in India and will roll out to other countries through 2018 The new offerings are:- Smart Preventive Family Healthcare Plan: GOQii Family Care is a one-stop solution for all health concerns of your family. This is in keeping with GOQii’s commitment to encouraging players as well as […]

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