PayOnDelivery – An Alternative to PayPal

E-Commerce market is definitely booming in Asia and more importantly in India and so as the payment systems too. Everyone wants to get the best deal and product from their favourite ecommerce website that too with the secure payment service so as to they choose PayPal which is known for its amazing security on the web for the ecommerce and other payment.


There was some issues with the PayPal as when it comes to supported websites or it’s just a payment gateway which definitely keeps the payment secure. While surfing off the internet we came across and alternative to the PayPal which was PayOnDelivery. Pay On Delivery is a great way to trade on popular market places like Craigslist Denver, Craigslist Boston, Craigslist Baltimore, Omaha, Atlanta, Portland etc.

It’s really an headache when you buy a product on some website which is completely unknown and it may even feel that you might get cheated by not delivering the fake product or not even delivering the product. In such cases your money is definitely lost even when you use secure payment gateway because you allow that gateway to pay. So for such and similar cases there is PayOnDelivery which holds the payment with you and seller until the product is delivered to you. It grabs the acknowledgement from you then it pays to the seller. So at the ecommerce portal you are not cheated and safely secured from fraud dealers on the Internet.

PayOnDelivery guarantees your payment, making it a much safer solution than money orders, cashier’s checks and wire transfers. PayOnDelivery is also a safer option than PayPal. PayPal has nothing to do with your transaction until a problem arises. You could be scammed by a buyer who says they never received your item and refuses to pay. PayOnDelivery oversees your transaction from start to finish. We know when you sent your item and we know when it was received. With PayOnDelivery, you either get paid or get your item back.