Paytm Insider introduces interactive streaming to its creator tools

New set of features aimed at enhancing audience experience at digital events

In its latest update to its self-publish ticketing solution, Paytm Insider now provides video streaming capabilities with interactivity for a feature-rich solution for events. Organisers can create, ticket, and host events and control engagements during the event from the same self-publish creator tool in use for listing events by thousands of creators and artists across the country.

Events on interactive streaming come with live chat, emoji reactions and various engagement options during the event such as Q&A questions, polls and fill in the blanks. Additionally, a scoring system and user leaderboards helps creators take their audience interest up a whole new level. Videos can be live streamed from a streaming software and creators can also plug in pre-recorded content with ease. The latter comes handy for event formats with high production values such as music concerts. The solution supports 4K resolution videos and 360-degree VR videos as well, enabling organisers to think beyond webinar formats.

Shreyas Srinivasan, CEO Paytm Insider, says, “Over the last few months, we’ve released product updates that helped ease the transition from listing physical events to ticketed digital event solutions for organisers. Our next set of features focus on raising the experience of a digital event. Our intent is not to replicate a physical event experience online but go after its core premise. At the end of the day, events are social experiences and the more we bring the sentiment of community and conversation, the faster a user will acclimatize to and adopt digital events.”

Paytm Insider’s pilot events with interactivity have included an immersive virtual-reality based music concert  ‘Retrofuture’ featuring Nucleya, Anish Sood and Ritviz which 6000+ fans from all across India tuned in for, a live quiz ‘Tough Questions’ with popular comics Kanan Gill and Abish Mathew, and a listening session with Nikhil D’souza on the launch of his new EP – ‘Waqt’.

The simplicity of use and customization of content with interactivity makes this tool relevant and useful for a variety of online event formats and use cases. From high engagement events such as quizzes and interactive storytelling to exclusive listening parties where the audience picks the next song via polls, the possibilities for new digital event formats to emerge is now endless.

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