PicsArt Video Editor review – A different perspective of same app

PicsArt logo

PicsArt, A popular Android and iOS photo editing app which is easy to step up your photo editing and sharing it with friends. The app has over 1 billion installs and 150 million active creators and it is available to globe in 30 languages. Today we’ll take a little different approach and talk about the underrated video editor in the PicsArt app. It is a number 2 editor app on the PlayStore with 500 million plus download. #2 app in photography.

Where to start the video editor?

It has been there for a while hit the “+” icon and there you see photos, video, replays, collages, template, camera and so on. So, when you select the video or slideshow. it opens up the video editor. (Slideshow lets you select the photos first.) Here’s the screenshot below:

Pics art video editor screenshot o
When you hit the “+” icon you get the select above options

Once the video or set of photos are selected for the slideshow you are greeted with the below UI.

Pics art video editor screenshot of UI
You are greeted with the Timeline layout which is way different to the photo UI.

Things you could do right now on PicsArt video editor:
Crop: Free crop the video just like the Photo, it gives option to rotate or choose certain angle. You can also choose from the dedicate aspect ratio like the Square, 4:5, Insta story, YouTube video. 3:4, iPhone X, 3:2 and 2:1.

Fit: If you are done with cropping the video but still it’s not suitable for certain social media then you come to fit the video like in quare ratio for Instagram specifically. You could choose the side bars colors, or given background or choose your certain image.

Audio: This is specifically my personal favourite because the PicsArt has a huge audio library to choose from You can browse from it and choose whatever is your specifically favourite (Some are free and some are with subscription). The main feature is the AI Audio when you select it, it analyses the scene and auto detects the audio. In case if you don’t like it, you could select the shuffle button or select the mood to get the perfect selection. I really adore this feature being a video editor it’s really a pain to find a good audio but surprisingly it does select a good audio as per the mood.

Pics art video editor screenshot of AI Music welcome
First time you select AI music option on the time line you will be greeted with the above screen.
Pics art video editor screenshot of AI Music
Generate, will select the music and at the bottom you have to select the mood of the music. Once you generate the option is substituted with Shuffle.

Trim: As the option says you could trim the video, additionally you could fill image or choose to crop here. In trim you also get option to increase or decrease speed. If you have the premium subscription then you’ll get options such as Reverse, Freeze and Live on. Inside trim there is also option for Duplicate in case you want the same video to play again you could duplicate it.

Effects: I think PicsArt will be completely incomplete without this option. Here it contains lot of video effects to use. You can almost scroll through all of it. As it is showcased in the screenshot below.

Effects selection. There are lots of effects to choose from inside the picsart video editor
Effect’s selection. There are lots of effects to choose from inside the PicsArt video editor

Adjust: One of my personal favourites is Adjust as it helps in the basic color correction of the video. It gives option to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Shadows, Highlights and temperature.

Stickers: Also, one of the favourite options in the PicsArt which lets you select from lot of stickers created inside the app.

Variety of stickers selection in the PicsArt for the video.

Text: As the tool says it lets you add the text in the video. More important you get to choose lot of fonts option. For premium you get more font options. More to that you get blending options to the text, highlight box to the text, you could bend the written text in U shape. add stroke, opacity, shadow and select spacing.

Variety of option for the text addition inside the Video editor.


PicsArt has really given amazing options for the beginner video editor. Some options are for Intermediate level. Considering their audience, they have given the most option. I don’t think it is for advance level or film making as of such but I will definitely recommend it for quick video edit for Instagram story, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts or Tik Tok like videos. It definitely has lot of tools which are specifically for such type of content creation. You should definitely try it out. Gold subscription will let you remove the watermark at export. The gold subscription costs 5 dollars a month as per the official website. Also its an Editor choice #2 app on the Playstore.