PicsArt Web Video Editor Review

PicsArt Web Video Editor interface opened in Chrome.

Everyone did know that there is huge demand for the photo and video editing apps due to the fast-growing social media. In this space there is hard time you might have not have come across picsart. I already did the Video editing part of the app in the earlier post today we will have a look at their video Editor of web. Note: It’s also a photo editor too. It’s like All-in-one for the quick social media needs without installing any of the app. Also usable in the Chromebook!

Features of the PicsArt web

  • Easy-To-Use
    This free Video Editor requires no prior editing experience. Make videos directly in your browser
    with PicsArt’s intuitive and flexible video editing tools. Make sure you use your latest browsers.
  • Fast Results
    Cut your editing time short and produce content at a faster rate with PicsArt’s online Video
    Editor. You can make a creative and impressive video in as little as 3 minutes.
  • Add text to videos
    Add titles, subtitles, and descriptions to your videos with the help of our text tool. Choose from
    many special fonts and text styles to apply to your videos.
  • Add music to videos
    Choose the perfect song from our library of licensed stock music, or simply upload one from your
  • Animated transitions
    Insert animated transitions to gradually move from one scene to another. Experiment with our
    large selection of Video editor effects.
  • Resize video
    Easily resize your content for Instagram posts and stories, YouTube, and Facebook. Simply click
    on the format you would like to work with and continue applying our Video editor effects until
    you’re satisfied with the final result.
  • Trim video
    Cut and trim your footage to achieve the perfect video. You can effortlessly adjust the duration
    and order of your video tracks to achieve the sequence you’re looking for.
  • Free-to-edit Images
    Browse through our endless catalogue of free-to-edit images that you can use in your videos.

How to edit the video?

  1. Go to
    Click on Make a video CTA.
  2. Upload your video
    Drag and drop your video or simply click the upload button to start editing.
  3. Edit and add effects
    Experiment with various tools and effects. This Video Editor is simple and full of versatile editing tools.
  4. Download output video
    Once you’ve finished editing, export your video and save it to your computer.
  5. Share your video
    Upload your video to various social media channels, website or blog, and start sharing!
PicsArt Web Video editor Interface

My thoughts

The interface is easy and modern. Does remind me of the recent web apps I’ve used so it’s much easier to learn. The icons and the names make it easy to navigate and edit the video. The rendering is blazing fast, I remember back in days while adding text was a lot of CPU and GPU intensive task to add and render. This is completely over the web and server based. So much easier for anyone to edit and never worry about the processing power.

Just to note while exporting the video if you want to export it in 1080p or 4K in MP4 you will require to have a premium subscription. Some of the elements also require premium subscription.

Extra Tools

  1. Sketch Tool- AI Generated tool
    Gives a perfect outline drawing to your photos and creates a hand-drawn look.
  2. Object removal
    Detect and remove any object from the image without leaving any clue behind.
  3. FLTR Effects
    Picsart boasts an assorted list of premium filters which help on taking your photos and videos to
    a different level altogether.


It’s a good video editor online based and I would definitely can recommend for a complete basic video editing. In the world of short video making such web-based platform can work like charm in the workflow. I would definitely love to see it grow and adding much advance features both to the free and premium users.