POCO asks fans to name its next product in the true wireless category

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In a first, POCO asked its fans to choose the name for its next product.

Poco Pop buds is the name of the TWS from Poco. Read in detail below how the name came to existence.

I still remember when I tweeted about the Poco online community meetup which happened on Zoom. The Poco officials did confirm that the Poco will be expanding to accessories segment and more importantly in the true wireless section.

Just yesterday, A Twitter poll with exciting name options — POCO Move Buds, Klip Buds, Pop Buds to POCO Funkz — was open to audiences.

You can clearly see the name options — POCO Move Buds, Klip Buds, Pop Buds to POCO Funkz — was open to audiences, who were asked to share their preferred choice. POCO Pop Buds got the highest share of votes (42.4% out of a total 21,416 votes), thereby confirming the name of the upcoming product.

I would love to get it called just as Poco buds, but as confirmed by the team member of Poco. The fanbase of Poco might probably appreciate some more ‘ colour’ and hence the option. I will definitely say that these will be some good budget TWS headphones. As Poco is thinking of the young fanbase.

Recent stats interestingly state that the Indian wearables market registered a growth of 168.3% last year. With ear-worn devices finding a huge appeal among consumers, rapid advancement in technologies will only fuel this growth going ahead. In line with this, POCO is all set to add its take on TWS audio to the POCO family.

We are also waiting for more details like the codec support, design, features and pricing. So, stay tuned here.