Portronics launched Power Slice 4000mAh portable charger for Rs. 1,499 in India

Portable charger, I think its the second most thing which people would buy after smartphones. Due to the small span of battery life of smartphones its important need to get a portable charger. Here’s the Power Slice 4000 mAh by Portonics.

Multitudes of gadgets have become our daily survival need, but managing their battery lifecycles is a nightmare of its own kind! You never know which one might run out, where! The Power Slice is an extremely useful power bank, light weight (just 75gm); easy to carry and easily pocketable.


What makes Power Slice stand apart from the other power banks is its unique and exquisite design. It is extremely slim, much slimmer than even your slimmest smart phone, very pocket friendly and has an almost hidden charge indicator, making it a very stylish power bank to own.


The Power Slice has a capacity of 4000 mAh and runs on a rechargeable original lithium-polymer battery which is safe and durable. The Power Slice comes with an intelligent 5 circuit protection to protect your device from damage. It has over-current protection, over-charge protection, over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection and short circuit protection.

Portronics Power Slice 4000mAh Portable charger

Portronics Power Slice 4000mAh Portable charger




1. Cell Capacity: 4000 mAh

2. Battery: Li-Polymer battery

3. Input: DC 5.0V – 800mA

4. Output: DC 5.0V – 1000mA (max)

5. Size: 69*11*123 mm

6. Weight: 75 g

7. Shell Colour: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, White and Black

8. Indicator light: 1 light – 0-25%, 2 lights – 25-50%, 3 lights – 50-75%, 4 lights – 75-100%

9. Scratch Proof material


Pricing and Availability:


Power slice is available in 6 colour options of blue, green, orange, pink, white and black at   Rs 1,499.